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Chutney Takes Manhattan

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STATUS: Absolutely frantic as we tried to wrap up the 1099s (need to be off to the IRS before the end of the month) and get everything else in order.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? ONE by U2

Why the big rush? On Sunday, I’m heading to New York City. That in itself is certainly not news. I tend to go there often as my office isn’t located in the big Apple and I need to do my editor meetings and face time. This year I wanted to try something different. Hence the title of this entry.

This year the whole fam is going to New York City and I’ve rented an apartment in Soho for a month. Now we’ll find out if that state-of-the-art network we installed last year is worth the money we spent on it. Supposedly, I can work seamlessly from any place in the world and still tap in to everything at my office. But never fear, if that fails, Sara will be holding down the fort.

I’m just in love with the idea of a leisurely, non-stressful time meeting with editors without cramming everything into five days with five meetings a day.

I have no desire to live in NYC but I certainly love the town when I’m visiting. And to me, this might be a nice trade-off for being in Denver for the rest of the year (although if all goes well, I might look at doing it again come fall. Let’s wait and see).

So, I’ll have lots of interesting news to post as I give you a daily report from the publishing capital of the world.

And I just might throw a pic or two of Chutney’s first time there as well. Because really, isn’t that what this blog is really about?

18 Responses

  1. booklady said:

    Have a great time in NYC! And good luck with those taxes. I always hate doing my own taxes, but it must be even less fun for you, with all the people you work with.

  2. Vicki said:

    New York and for month…sounds wonderful. Since you will be able to spread out your meetings, you and Chutney will hopefully have time to check out the sights. Pictures…yes. 😀

  3. Getting There With A Passion said:

    Good old wireless. . . get Chutney an “I Heart NY” doggie shirt in addition to the deals! : )

    -Rachel Glass

  4. Deb said:

    We need Chutney photos! More photos! Please!

    And now…an agent rant. I sent proposals early in January to two agencies (not Kristin’s). On follow-up, two out of two, or 100%, state they lost my e-submission and asked me to send it again.

    I’m ranting, yes.

  5. Amy said:

    Oh, fun! I’ll definitely keep a weather eye open for you and Chutney around Manhattan, especially as I (hopefully) interview at some houses and agencies.

  6. Anonymous said:

    I know you’re probably getting tons of recommendations, but you MUST try out Alexandra’s for dinner one night – it should be pretty close by – cozy bistro with the BEST calamari I’ve ever had…’s on 455 Hudson Street…I don’t think they take reservations….great place….enjoy your trip!

  7. devonellington said:

    That is a great choice. When I travel to a place for more than 4 days, I try to rent an apartment, rather than stay in a hotel. It lowers the stress level enormously.

    Have fun here in NY!

    It’s below zero right now, so bring layers!

  8. Chesya said:

    I’m heading to NYC in about a week, too. I’m taking my family and we’re doing all the touristy stuff. Also going to some reading/writing events and meeting with my agent. It’s great being able to combine a get away (vacation) and business. Wish I could stay for a month.