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Private Arrangements Before It Releases!

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Dashing out the door (pardon the pun) but I didn’t want to forget to mention a really cool giveaway that is going on over at Dear Author. Jane finagled 20 advanced final copies of PRIVATE ARRANGMENTS from Bantam (and it doesn’t release for another 5 weeks!). She’s giving them away on her blog and the giveaway ends Midnight tonight if you want to get your hands on one and see what all the buzz is about.

4 Responses

  1. michelle said:

    This is one contest y’all want to enter, and fast. I just went back and re-read the “comments” I posted on my blog after getting an advanced reading copy of Private Arrangements at the national RWA conference last July. Not only do I stand by that review, I have gone back and re-read bits of this book in the months since just to make myself feel happy. It’s an honest-to-goodness keeper. Good luck!

  2. Anonymous said:

    I haven’t read Dear Author since Jane dissed Miss Snark in November 2006. Actually, that was the only time I read it. Thanks, but no.

  3. Janine said:

    I just reread the post in question and I really don’t see any dissing of Miss Snark. Some of the commenters on Miss Snark’s blog were tweaked a bit for rushing to pile on Anne Stuart, and that was the extent of it.

    But the main thing I wanted to say is that I second Michelle’s comments on Private Arrangements. Wonderful, wonderful book. Beautifully written — sumptuous, complex, absorbing, and so rich that I felt decadent reading it. Don’t miss it!