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Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Auction on May 1!

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STATUS: Today I analyzed specifically how I spend my time (mainly because I believe I’m not quite getting enough done during the day). I realized that this morning alone, I spent over 2 hours simply answering emails, handling questions, issues, etc. It might have been closer to three. I wonder if I should start in on my first task in the early morning and then wait until noon to start in on the emails. It will still take me 2 hours but maybe I’ll feel like I accomplished more if I reverse the order.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? BELIEVE by Cher

Today I promised to tackle character elements but I’m actually going to grapple with that tomorrow. I also have a task for you readers. In the next day or so, I want you to read some of your favorite back-cover copy from already published books in a variety of genres. Recently published preferred. I think it would be fun to analyze them together. So, if the copy is available online (such as at Amazon or B&, provide the link and I’ll go give them a look and choose some examples for possible discussion on the blog.

Here’s why I’ve pre-empted today’s entry. You readers need to get ready. Why? Because Brenda Novak is just about to open her yearly auction for Diabetes research. There are some amazing items to bid on—including a “respond in 24 hours” read and critique of sample pages by yours truly.

Ack. It’s probably going to kill me to meet that deadline but I am determined because it’s all about raising lots of dollars for this charity event.

Bids begin May 1, 2008 (only a day and a half away) so bookmark the page and mark you calendars.

Just to give you a sampling of some of the great items that are available.

A weekend getaway with Susan Wiggs

An Amazon Kindle (squeak!) plus $100.00 gift certificate

If you are interested in agent evaluation stuff, here are just a few agents who have contributed read & critiques that you could bid on.

Lois Winston
Donald Maass
Robin Rue
Meredith Bernstein
Susannah Taylor
Elaine Spencer
Annelise Robey
Elaine English
Ethan Ellenberg
Steven Axelrod
Eileen Cope
Paige Wheeler
Rachel Vater

And the list goes on…

There is even a breakfast with Deidre Knight. I haven’t even mentioned the editor evaluations that are available.

I, myself, might go after the “Day of Bridge with a World Class Player.” I’m a bridge fanatic but alas, not a master level player. Not even close actually. I might be too scared to actually play with this person in a tournament but I wouldn’t mind spending a couple hours in a tutorial!

So get ready…

13 Responses

  1. Kelly said:

    Thank you for participating, and thanks to Ms. Novak for putting it together. I’ve had Type I for 29 (!) years. While great strides have been made, there’s still a lot of research to do, and every dollar counts.

  2. Doreen Orion said:

    Hi Kristin,

    I had a supervisor in shrink school who always used to say that if you want to take a half-day off, best to do it in the morning, since if you planned it for the afternoon, it would never happen. I wonder if that’s applicable to the email situation, too.

  3. Di Francis said:

    I love bridge. I don’t have anyone around to play it with (my husband does but we need two more). So next con we’re both at, let’s set up a bridge game. Surely there are more out there who play? I’m no master either. In fact I haven’t been able to play in awhile. I could play for hours on end with no unhappiness.


  4. Jay Montville said:

    I have to say that since I turned off my email notification and stopped checking my email first thing and started checking it at 11am and 4 pm ONLY, my days have been significantly more productive. It means I can focus on the important things first and not get distracted by the little things. Also, I’ve discovered that by not responding immediately, people send me less email. I’ve actually watched problems resolve themselves in my inbox without having to step in at all. I highly recommend it.

  5. Tracey Devlyn said:

    I participated in Brenda’s auction last year and won two fabulous critiques (I’m not an overachiever – I had hoped to win just one!). This year, Brenda sent me a beautiful blue banner to put on the front page of my website – every bit of advertisement helps. 🙂

    Regarding your email situation…I’ve taken a lot of management courses over the years and many instructors encourage folks to NOT read emails first thing in the morning. They tend to change your priorities for the day.

    BTW, I had a great time at the Spring Fling conference last weekend. My only disappointment is that I missed a couple of opportunities to say hello to you. I’ll elbow my way in next time. 🙂

    Take care, Tracey

  6. Brenda Novak said:

    Hi Kristin–

    Thanks so much for supporting my auction. I’m thrilled to know such generous people.

    And I was interested in your e-mail first/work first dilemma. I’m having the same problem. By the time I finish all my e-mail stuff, half my day is gone and I feel SO behind. I need to do the writing first. I always tell people to do the toughest thing first, then the rest of the day is all downhill. But do I take my own advice? No! LOL


  7. Moth said:

    Tithe by Holly Black is one my very favorite books ever and you can find its back cover online at Amazon if you just hit the “Search Inside” feature. Tithe is a YA Urban Fantasy that was published in ’04. Does that count as recent?

    Here’s the (very long) link:

    Also, to mix things up the back cover copy for Jude Deveraux’s “Velvet Song” is up on Amazon too. It’s a historical romance (not recent but they still write back copies like this far as I can tell).

    Here’s the (other really long) link for Velvet Song:

    and (last but not least) my final suggestion for back cover copy from “The Pilgrim of Hate” published in the 80s.

    Well, I picked back covers I just didn’t do so hot at the “recent” part. They’re still using these same back covers, though, so they must still be selling books, right?

    Well, I hope this was a little helpful.