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STATUS: It’s been a busy day so far and I still have one meeting scheduled for this afternoon and then dinner with another Hollywood co-agent tonight.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? BLUES BEFORE AND AFTER by The Smithereens

Got back to my hotel around midnight last night. I couldn’t quite make myself blog so late; sorry about that.

I flew into LA yesterday for Book Expo. I came early to meet with a variety of Hollywood co-agents. Some I’ve worked with for years and quite a few whom I am meeting for the very first time (even though I’ve worked with them on projects). Some are brand, brand new as I’ve heard good things from other agents and producers and I want to be on their radars and vice versa.

Meetings with Hollywood co-agents are not unlike meetings with editors in New York. The film agents talk about their current clients and what they are working on and I talk about my clients and what books I’ve recently sold. Most of my meetings have been located in the zipcode area of 90210—otherwise known as Beverly Hills.

Now I’m definitely getting the scoop on what is currently selling in the film world but I’m weighing whether it’s all that valuable to share with blog readers. Why? Because Hollywood changes its mind every 4 to 6 months. So whatever is considered “hot” right now will change when a new film releases and either “breaks out” or doesn’t. Even though Hollywood moves at a glacial pace in terms of production, it still bases its buying decisions on what currently has done well.

I know. Doesn’t make sense to me either. So, there isn’t much point in sharing the info really. Not to mention, it’s not what I base my decision on when taking a on a project for representation. I just take on what I really love etc.

But I know you readers would want to know anyway despite the fact it really can have no bearing on any work-in-progress as only a very small percentage of books published actually get optioned for film.

You gluttons for punishment! Okay, I’ll tell you. Every single film agent has asked me whether I have any projects that would fit the bill for the all-encompassing family entertainment segment (in other words, projects with enough appeal to hit the four quadrants outlined by the family—mom-friendly, enough action for dad, and something that will appeal to both teens and kids. If you have the next Shrek, they are all over it.

Right now no one is willing to risk a women-driven historical (that is until the next independent film maker has a wild success in that field which could happen at any time.)

And I found out who the real life person the character of Ari Gold on my fav show Entourage is “loosely” based off of. But perhaps Hollywood gossip should stay in Hollywood. Or 90210 as the case might be…

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  1. Anonymous said:

    I live in LA! How come I haven’t heard anything about it here on the Westside? Am i that blind or deaf or stupid? Or all three? ARGH!
    But then, I suppose only those invited need to know about it.
    However much I’d like to go to BEA and stalk you like a raving fan–I won’t. I’ve got three kids–and get your autograph (or hand you my Chapter One), I’ll desist and wish you a happy and fun time in So Cal. Enjoy our weather. It’s gorgeous out there!

  2. Kristin Laughtin said:

    Right now no one is willing to risk a women-driven historical

    Which is terribly sad, because I’d love to see one.

    Have fun at BEA! I’m terribly excited myself.

  3. doortoriver said:

    *laughs* Ah, the craziness of the entertainment world! I vote for adopting your philosophy: you keep choosing what you love, and we’ll keep writing what we love, and hopefully, someday the twain shall meet. 😀

  4. Kwana said:

    Great post. You’re so right. we blog reads are gluttons for punishment. you had to give the info because we would have been hounding you like crazy. Thanks so much. Next Shrek. We’ll get right on that. LOL!

  5. Ryan Field said:

    This is the second time this month I’ve heard someone mention the family entertainment thing. They say this is why Americn Idol is so popular, because the whole family can watch.

  6. Kelsey said:

    My book is at BookExpo, but I’m not. I’m not sure what it’s doing, but I wouldn’t mind if it introduced itself to a few Hollywood agents.

    If you see “Where am I Wearing?” at the Wiley section, tell it I said “Hi.”

  7. Gabrielle said:

    Very insightful post, Kristen. It’s sad about the whole women-driven historical thing… there was a great article in the NYT a few weeks back about the lack of leading women in this summer’s movies.

  8. Christine Fletcher said:

    No women-driven historicals? Maybe I ought to change my last name to Austen. Seems to be working for that Jane chick.

    …although maybe H’wood has moved on even from her. *sigh*

  9. Anonymous said:

    Actually, studios are always, always looking for a 4-quad picture. Always. It’s like publishers are always looking for a good thriller. It’s an easy “yes.”

  10. Chooch said:

    That information would be ideal. I’m in talks with a production company regarding The Suicide Flowers as a MOW for Lifetime AND I’m developing a TV show for Hearst. It would be great to understand what the filming industry wants because everything I publish (currently writing books 5-7 now) gets developed into screenplays.

    And I do have the next Shrek, only it’s three books away.

    Christine – Jane Austen doesn’t work for we real men.


  11. Bella Stander said:

    The film industry wants whatever is making money today. Until tomorrow, when today’s hit is, like, soooo yesterday. As William Goldman wrote in ADVENTURES IN THE SCREEN TRADE: Nobody knows anything.

    Kristin is absolutely right in sticking with books that she loves. Sooner or later, they’ll sell to the movies…or not.