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Reporting From The Floor

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STATUS: Tired and my feet are a bit sore.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? Nothing on at the moment.

Today was my first day at the BEA so I haven’t had anything to report until now. Last night I went to a Hollywood party but for the life of me I couldn’t think of anything to blog about except that I had met so-n-so and so-n-so and I had a glass of wine.

Rather boring. But today I actually did stuff—like walked the floor, attended some interesting panels (and some not so interesting panels), and chatted with a bunch of editors I knew.

So as promised, here are some pics from the floor via my iPhone. The LA convention center is divided into 2 halls—the south and the west.

The South Hall being the main floor. So here’s a pic of entering the main floor—literally right after exiting the escalator. Obviously the Hachette Goup (otherwise known as Grand Central Publishing and before that known as Warner Books) has some prime real estate.

This second pic was taken at my first panel for the day, which was the Editors Buzz. This panel is hosted by Sara Nelson of Publishers Weekly. PW chooses 6 editors to buzz what they hope will be the next big books for the fall season (or books they feel deserve special attention).

From left: Sara Nelson (at podium), Richard Nash (Soft Skull), Megan Lynch (Riverhead), Jonathan Glusman (Harmony/Crown), Sarah Knight (Henry Holt), Reagan Arthur (Little Brown), and Laurie Chittenden (William Morrow).

Now, if I were a good reporter, I would have written down the titles of all 6 books mentioned at the panel! But I’m not; I’m a lazy BEA attendee who couldn’t type fast enough into my iPhone notes section so if anyone was there and can provide the other titles, please do so in the comments section.

At the end of the panel I only snagged two galleys—THE HERETIC’S DAUGHTER (Which Reagan discussed) and THE LACE READER (which Laurie mentioned). Noticed they were at the far right and therefore went last on the panel, which is also after my chai latte had kicked in. (This panel was excruciatingly early in the day…)

This last photo is from an afternoon session. As you can tell, I was a bit far back in the room but this is Jeff Bezos from Amazon talking. And what a snoozer. I’m as evangelical for the Kindle as any good consumer can be but the first 30 minutes of his “talk” was basically a commercial for the Kindle. Yawn. Things got a lot more interesting when interviewer Chris Anderson (author of THE LONG TAIL) did the spontaneous interview. Mr. Bezos, however, still managed to sidestep the question regarding Amazon and the controversy generated by their recent Booksurge decision (where Amazon would only allow easy access to POD books generated by their Booksurge arm).

Ends up that I was sitting right next to Ellen Archer, Publisher of Hyperion (and of Chris’s book) so we had a fun chat.

Off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow. If I see some fun shots, I’ll snap and post.


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  1. Anonymous said:

    I have to agree that Bezos’s talk was basically a looong commercial for the Kindle. It sounds like a great product and I took a look at it on the show room floor, but my colleague and I were hoping for a speech of a little more substance regarding Amazon as a company. We had fun at some of the other sessions, though.

  2. Natalie Hatch said:

    I don’t think we have this type of thing in Australia. Only Writing Fesitvals. Ah well. Don’t forget to grab an armful of books on your way out, that way even the snoozer panels will have been worth it.

  3. Anonymous said:

    One of the other books was something like THE FLYING TROUTMEN. Another was about an Asian girl who lived on the streets of LA. My coffee hadn’t kicked in either. Blame it on the 30 minute line at Starbucks!

  4. Kristin Laughtin said:

    I was lucky enough to be able to go for my job on Saturday, and had the time of my life (and had a good amount of time to do things I wanted instead of just what work required, like grabbing books/getting autographs from everywhere). I dearly wish I could have attended all three days, even though I am incredibly sore right now, and am looking forward to any future pictures you might post!