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So Whatever Happened To That Guy…

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STATUS: I literally was on the phone from about 9:30 this morning until now. Not continuously mind you but that’s a lot of phone conferences.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? DOMINO by Van Morrison

who did the Book Promotion 2.0 youtube hit?

Well, Bella Stander did an interview with Mr. Cass that you might want to check out.

It’s a revealing look on how intention can really make the difference in promotion. Art for art’s sake etc.

And one of my authors, Shanna Swendson, grabs the spirit of GOOD TO GREAT and outlines how it might apply to authors. That’s definitely worth a look!

6 Responses

  1. Arovell said:

    “I thought you had to have something with a . . . with a face.” XD

    Oh, promoting your book must be such a chore. (*NOT*)

    I checked out Ms. Swendson’s post, and it really helped me adjust my attitude a little. Thanks for referring me to it!

  2. JES said:

    The Dennis Cass…More Awesome venture simultaneously cracks me up and makes me think. The tone is sort of mock-oracular, sometimes lapsing into outrageous metaphor and whirlpools of language, and it’s easy to be misled by that into thinking he’s not dead serious about WHAT he’s saying.

    Shanna Swendson’s post on the “good to great” principle is very useful, and it was useful for you to bring tie it to the Cass venture with this post. Thanks, Kristin!

    (The author of the GOOD TO GREAT book didn’t do himself any favors with that title, IMO. He may be too young to remember the “Dare to Be Great” pyramid operation from the ’70s — but he should be okay as long as he resists being too great at promoting his book. 🙂