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Friday Funnies!

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STATUS: I was in tears with laughter. What a great way to end the week.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? YOU’VE GOT IT by Simply Red

And this is for my new author Courtney Milan who just had her 5-house auction on Wednesday for her debut historical romance PROOF BY SEDUCTION which ended with Harlequin winning it in a good deal…this is exactly how it went, right?

28 Responses

  1. Maire Jolie said:

    This is absolutely fabulous! I do believe that at 18 this is exactly how I believed the publishing world worked. One movie Romancing the Stone later, and then a nice smack in the head with the wake up call button and I’ve arrived at real publishing. Great stuff

  2. beverley said:

    Oh that was absolutely priceless. But did I miss the part where there was a HUGE fight and the five editors were in the ring fighting over the book??

    Wonderful! Congrats CM. Looking forward to reading POS when it comes out!!

  3. Amy Nathan said:

    Thanks for the laugh. I’m glad there are so many places in the world wide web where people get this kind of thing, because people in my real world, do not!

  4. Kristina said:

    OK, I laughed myself silly over that.

    I know that’s EXACTLY what you looked like reading my manuscript, flipping the pages around the room in your joy…

    Oh wait. You read electronically… Surely you were madly scrolling, though.


  5. Jill Elaine Hughes said:


    Seriously though, this is how so many people think publishing is. Reminds me of an uncle of mine who quit his day job for a year so he could write “the great American novel”, which he in turn couldn’t sell. He had honestly thought that the minute he finished the last word in the manuscript he deserved to become a millionaire, so he hadn’t really saved any money beyond six months’ worth of expenses, because he thought for sure he’d be earning money after three months. He couldn’t even get an agent, let alone sell the book (which was awful) and ended up losing his house.

    But those rose-colored glasses are great while they last.

  6. Courtney Milan said:

    LOL. Don’t I wish. The very first problem with that video is the bit where the writer was doing all her writing in the day, instead of at 2 AM.

    And then, reading her own pages and nodding and smiling, instead of tearing out hair and gnashing teeth.

  7. Pam Halter said:

    I’m getting ready for a week at the beach where I will play with the kids, beat my husband at Monopoly and work on a requested book proposal … and now I have dance to learn!

    Thanks for sharing that great (and potentially true … partly true … somewhat true … okay … wish it were true) video.

  8. Sara J. said:

    Kudos to YA author Jackson Pearce for this video – her first novel AS YOU WISH is due out from Harper Collins in 09 (I believe the “agent” in her video is her sister).

  9. C.J. Redwine said:


    And Yay Courtney!! Love to see a 5 house auction for my fellow Pixie.

    Though, I admit, when one commenter said they wanted to read your POS, it took me by surprise. My Courtney didn’t write a POS! 5 houses wouldn’t duel over a POS!

    Then I realized they meant PBS.

    What a difference once letter makes. 😀

  10. Janice Olson said:

    The video was hilarious, especially when you see what you think is a nicely dressed editor, then turns out to be in baggy shorts and tennis shoes without socks.

    Enjoyed it. Now in the real world.

    Janice Olson

  11. Pierre said:

    You know, in a way, that’s actually kind of frightening. Especially the editor wearing the shorts with the sports coat. I almost like the real world better. Although I don’t mind the Michael Jackson thriller dance sequences.

  12. Deb said:

    Scary, maybe, but oh so welcome. Thanks for the chuckles.

    Of course, the cat is the one getting the contract, right?


  13. Christa Selnick said:

    Kristin, thanks for the laugh as I roll out of bed to work on my WIP, too!

    And Courtney! Big Pixie Chick Cheer! I’m glad your dreams are coming true this summer.

  14. Christina Berry said:

    I linked up to this on my blog. Next month, I’m headed to Minneapolis for a writers conference. I’m going to convince an agent and editor to recreate it with me. 🙂