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Report From The Floor (RWA 2008)

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STATUS: I’m finally back in my room before midnight and have the energy to blog.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? Nothing at the moment.

Best Quote of the Conference So far
“In paranormal and you’re not an already established published author, if it’s the same story about a hunky magical hero with the same beautiful mortal woman saving the world, it doesn’t matter if the world is defined by Shiva, vampires, Quetzalcoatl, or Merlin; that alone is not making the genre fresh.”
–Abby Zidle, S&S Pocket

Best RWA Random Moment

Marie Bostwick, Me, Brenda Novak are all wearing the same bracelet.

Best San Francisco Random Moment
While standing on the corner of Union Square in downtown while checking email messages on my iPhone, I looked up and around to figure out which way I needed to walk to find my street when a gentleman standing nearby caught my eye and said: “just in case you might have been wondering, you still have got it going on.”

Not quite sure how to reply (and I actually hadn’t been wondering), I went with the simple, “thank you.”

Can’t say that’s ever happened to me in Denver. Made me chuckle all the way to my lunch meeting.

Hottest RWA Moment
Ally Carter and I convince thriller writer Barry Eisler to proudly wear “I am a Gallagher Girl” pin.

Proudest RWA Moment so far: NLA’s Rita Nominees

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Kelly Parra

Linnea Sinclair

Simone Elkeles

16 Responses

  1. Natalie Hatch said:

    EEEP Kirstin you met Barry!!! I’ve got friends searching the conference for him so they can get a photo…
    Hope you’re having a great time there, and as for the ‘going on’ hey at least he noticed, that’s something isn’t it?

  2. Anonymous said:

    re: “you’ve still got it going on…”

    Oh my God, that’s adorable. I’m flushed reading that and no one even said it to me.

    What a great thing to say to someone.


  3. Bethany said:

    Wow! I really wish I was there! It looks great!

    The pic of you, Ally, and Barry is fabulous! I’m glad to have interviewed all three of you!

    And speaking of which, Ally’s interview will be posted on my blog today so check it out! She’s a sweetheart! 🙂

    A Blog Celebrating Arts and Entertainment

  4. Kimber An said:

    That quote on paranormals was exceedingly reassuring on several fronts, thank you.

    Go, Linnea! (Kimber continues her chant for the judges, “GAMES OF COMMAND, GAMES OF…”)

  5. Deb said:

    Yay, Simone! Proud to say “I knew her when.” All former Chicago-North RWA members take notice, our Simone is going places.

    NOW can I say “I told you so”?

  6. Anonymous said:

    I don’t know if I would have used the word “still”. You are obviously a young woman. But he was right.

  7. k said:

    A random stranger actually said that on the street?!

    That’s prettymuch the most fantastic thing I’ve heard this week.


  8. Just_Me said:

    (Starts chanting with Kimber: Games of Command! Games of Command!)

    Although I like Downhome Zombie Blues just a little bit better. Explosions and space ships make the world a better place.

    Congrats on the comment from the guy on the street…. I wouldn’t take him home with you but it’s nice to know you’re still hot. Even if the comment is random and unsolicited. :o)

  9. Jill James said:

    Kristin, I was one of the ladies standing in line at the signing when you came to take your RITA nominee’s pictures. I thought it was so cool that you were so excited to have their pictures. Your authors are very lucky to have you.

  10. Tânia said:

    Kristin: Your hair is really great! Love the photos.
    I will not be able to read this blog until September, so have a great summer vacations! And for Sara as well. Come to Portugal! It’s a nice country with beautiful beaches. Tânia

  11. Anonymous said:

    A lot of your advice to writers lately seems to be summed up by ‘stop trying to rewrite Buffy, and write something of your own’. Are there really a lot of new authors who don’t realise this?