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Agents Who Should Be On Your Radar

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STATUS: Oh yeah baby! Entourage is back on!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? AIN’T NO SUNSHINE by Bill Withers

Back from the Maui Writers conference and facing mounds of emails (something like 300 in my inbox) and lots of fun tasks to do. Vacation is great but the first week back is almost always a challenge.

Still, it’s fun to be home where fall has decided to visit Denver. It was 55 degrees when I got off the plane this weekend. Who knew?

When I was in Honolulu for the conference, I got to catch up with many good colleagues so I think I want to highlight a few folks I had a chance to hang with. If they aren’t on your radar, maybe they should be.

And blog readers, don’t make me look bad! Don’t just query these fine folks blindly. Make sure your work might actually fit what they are looking for.

Jeff Kleinman, Folio Literary Management

Cathy Fowler, Redwood Agency

Holly Root, Waxman Literary Agency

Robert Guinsler, Sterling Lord Literistic

Dena Fischer, Manus & Associates

Jacqueline Hackett, Literary Works

Elizabeth Evans, Reese Halsey North

19 Responses

  1. Just_Me said:

    Holly Root’s name has come up a few times in my blog reading. The others I will need to research. But thanks for the tip :o)

    Welcome back from vacation!

    You were missed.

  2. Just_Me said:

    And out of the list only Elizabeth Evans is interested in my genre…. Well, at least I have one more name to query when the time comes.


  3. Chro said:

    *checks to see if my work fits what they’re looking for*


    I’d ask for radar pings of agents that represent fantasy, but I probably already have that list. 😉

  4. Linnea said:

    Thanks for the agent listing, Kristin. My first novel was sold unagented but I’m always on the lookout for agents I’m unfamiliar with when it comes time to start shopping my current wip.

  5. Ryan Field said:

    Before I found my perfect agent, I queried Jeff Kleinman once. I cannot say enough great things about him. Though it didn’t work out between us, I’ve become a fan of what he reps and a fan of him as an agent and person.

  6. RK said:

    You know you really are very nice to give us heads up about other agents. Thanks.

    Glad you’re back. I was going through blog withdrawal.

  7. Julie Weathers said:

    *checks to see if my work fits what they’re looking for*


    I’d ask for radar pings of agents that represent fantasy, but I probably already have that list. ;)”

    Be sure and give me a heads up if anyone new pops up on your list.

  8. jwhit said:

    fyi re Jacqueline Hackett:
    Currently, we are only accepting queries for non-fiction projects.

    and if you have the ear of Manus & Associates, their website isn’t accessible to the vision impaired. They provide no direct link into the site, just a flash entry. That’s unfortunate. They probably didn’t even consider that it could be discriminatory.

    BUT! I did find one who reps my genre. so thanks!!!

  9. Kilian said:

    This is a day late and a dollar short, but I would think twice about submitting to an agency with a misspelled word on its web site. I tried to find a way to contact Folio LIterary Management directly, but the only way is by snail mail, and that’s too much work for me. Kristin if you have a phone number or quicker way to reach them, it would be a kindness. The word is in the drop-down list of authors. They spelled “suspense” as “suspence.”