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Aloha from Kauai

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STATUS: Off to hike the Na Poli coastline!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? Some lovely Hawaiian music

If you hadn’t figured it out, I’m on vacation this week. After flying to Honolulu for the Maui Writers Conference (on the road), Brian and I couldn’t resist a little vacation time.

But it hasn’t been all play and no work so a few pictures to keep you entertained.

Here is Sarah Rees Brennan and I having our first official client/agent meeting at the Outrigger Reef Hotel.

Secret agent meeting at the Puka Dog on Wakiki! As featured on the Travel channel I am told.
Pictured: Holly Root (Waxman Agency), Cathy Fowler (Redwood Agency), my husband Brian. Not pictured but there is Jeff Kleinman (Folio Literary).

And while dashing into the Kauai Walmart to buy more sunscreen, I couldn’t resist a quick peek at the bookshelves. Lo and behold, DELICIOUS has prime real estate.

Have a great rest of your week and I’ll be back and blogging normally on Monday!

12 Responses

  1. Susan said:

    I wish I was there too; it’s pouring rain here!

    I don’t often comment, but by a coincidence I’m also listening to Hawaiian music (Mark Keali’i Ho’omalu) as your post dropped into my Reader, though I’m on the other side of the world (the cold and drippy side). So your Ipod status gave me a smile.

    Hope you have a lovely time!

  2. chris bates said:

    About bloody time, Kristin…

    Here’s a heads-up: Covert procrastination – for a lay-about writers like myself – is only achievable if I tell my wife that I’m ‘studying’ book industry websites.

    You taking vacations and not posting means that I actually have no legitimate excuse for slacking-off.

    I expect more from literate … er , literary agents!

    Not a whole lot more, of course … just a post a day. And, hey, try not to think of it as a deadline, more a lifeline … for the likes of me.

    BTW hope you had a good break!

  3. Santa said:

    Hope you’re having a great vacation. Can’t wait to hear more about the conference.


    Note to self: Put Maui Writer’s Conference in the budget for 2009.

  4. Karen said:

    You definitely look like you are having a great time. The Maui Writer’s conference has always appealed to me but with five kids to get off to school (and now two are in college)the timing has always been wrong. I’m glad to see that you found time for yourself and hubby! Good for you! Karen Bumpus

  5. ORION said:

    And let me tell you agent Kristin is every bit as fun and nice as she is on her blog…
    It was great fun to have everybody in my neck of the woods!
    And for those of you considering attending- it’s the retreat the week before that’s really awesome- you have small classes with amazing authors…