Pub Rants

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  1. Rosemary Carstens said:

    I thought of this when I got up this morning, about the direction our country has gone in since that day in 2001. This era of constant fear mongering, the positioning of our foreign policy as a holy war. It’s just all so negative and dehumanizing. I hope so much that things turn around soon and we can enter a more enlightened era.
    Rosemary Carstens

  2. Mommy C said:

    The day the towers fell seemed to coincide directly with my painful coming of age. I try not to think of that day, often. I think an entire society is walking around with a wound in their hearts. Today, I pray for peace for the restless, a safe return for the servicewomen and men, and good health for the rescue workers.

  3. Anonymous said:

    “… do you think ignoring the numerous attacks leading up to 911 was a more enlightened era?”

    I can’t speak for Rosemary, but I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be more unenlightened than present-day attitudes.

    We are not more enlightened today. We’re just more aggressive, more violent, and are easily lulled by useless security theater. Definitely a huge step backwards.