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Get Out And Vote

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STATUS: Happy Election Day.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? STAR WARS (MAIN TITLE) by John Williams

Really, is there anything else to say today?


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  1. AC said:

    LOVE the pup!

    Am about to go brave the post-lunch crowds at the polls. My coworker spent an hour and a half in line this morning, and she lives in the rural part of our little county. Maybe next time my state (Alabama) will jump on the early-voting bandwagon–fingers crossed.

  2. Deirdre Mundy said:

    My kids each got a sticker… I passed. (Ours were these cute little ones with a flag and a constitution…)

    Too bad our town doesn’t have a Starbucks, a Crispy Creme OR a Ben and Jerry’s!

  3. Gin Fancier said:

    That is one seriously cute dog – and conscientious, too! From a reader Down Under, good luck with the election and here’s hoping for many people to exercise their rights and for a good outcome (whoever and whatever that turns out to be!)

  4. s.w. vaughn said:

    I didn’t even get offered a sticker! 🙁

    But I voted. And today, I am feeling indescribable. I actually watched the election results last night, for the first time in my life.

    I cried when Keith Olbermann called the race with a funny little hitch in his voice. What an amazing moment.

  5. Madison said:

    Not a dog person, but AWWW, so CUTE!!!

    And yes, my absentee ballot came in so I was able to vote in this historic election. YES!