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Publisher’s Weekly Best Books Of the Year

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STATUS: Now this is news I could have every Monday Morning!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? IF I HAD A MILLION DOLLARS by Barenaked Ladies

Just got an early peek at this week’s PW magazine and the Best Books of the Year is their cover story. In PW’s words, “Once again, we take the opportunity near year’s end to review the year in books, highlighting the very best of what American publishing had to offer in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, comics, religion, lifestyle, and children’s.”

And guess what? NLA has a client book on that list!

Huge congrats to Sherry Thomas for her extraordinary debut that made the list (as well as having the cover featured in the article!). PW reviews a lot of books in the course of the year and to be one of five titles to make PW’s list in that category, well, you don’t have to take just my word for it that the novel is good.

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18 Responses

  1. sybil said:

    Couldn’t have happened to a better book or author.


    I have to confess to really liking the newest cover look for the next book. I am a sucker for red covers.

  2. kayla said:

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  3. AC said:

    Great news! Congrats to Sherry and to NLA.

    And BTW, I just finished Aly Carter’s “If I Told You I Love You…” and loved it. I know I’m late to this party, but I can’t wait to read the sequels. Too fun!

  4. Anonymous said:

    Nothing against Thomas, but WHY, OH WHY did Private Arrangements win? It was worse than Breaking Dawn–and I’m a Stephenie Meyer fan!–and on par with Danielle Steele and V.C. Andrews. Soooo many other books that had more plot and less steam… Bad news, indeed!

  5. Anonymous said:

    Ally Carter’s books rock!! Love them and can’t wait for the sequel next summer! I started a book club over the summer and we’re reading all her books!
    Don’t get why Sherry Thomas won, though. Did they get the two mixed up? Maybe the award should have gone to Ally Carter. I dunno. I couldn’t finish Private Arrangements. It’s the book where he basically rapes her, right? Didn’t think that was romantic.

  6. Kimber An said:

    Gorgeous cover. It sends all the messages a busy reader needs to know in order to take the two minutes to stop and pick it up and turn it over and read the blurb and read the first page, and the second, and buy! I’ve never even read this book, but I can see why many others have.

  7. Georgie B said:

    I just want to say that I find this a very fascinating blog.

    I’m learning quite a bit about writing and publishing throughout my adventures in the blog world, and I’m glad that I found this blog to learn from.

  8. Anonymous said:

    So glad Kristin and Sherry jumped in with comments clearing up the rape scene allegation. I’m a regular reader of the blog and tried to buy the book last time I was at B & N (they were out). After reading the anon comment, I did an internal “TG I didn’t buy it.”

    With the author and agent clarification, I think I will look for it next time I’m book shopping.

    (I always wondered if Kristin read the comments.)

  9. Jessica said:

    I still want to read this book. The cover is amazing and of course, I love the plot. 🙂 I hope this book hit bestseller because from reading the first chapter, it sounds really good.

    Yeah, what’s going on with this “rape” thing? Not the impression I had of your book Sherry. And the plot (again) sounds delicious.

  10. Anonymous said:

    I’ve heard of it, been curious, am rushing through blogs while chugging coffee before starting to write. I wish there had been a link to click on for Amazon or somewhere. I’ll still go check it out right now but I almost didn’t. Every click counts, no?

  11. helengranberry said:

    Sherry — LOVE your books, and romance isn’t even a genre I regularly read. You have an amazing gift with words. That ‘voice’ thing people are always talking about? You’ve got it, lady. I’ve got my mom hooked on you, too. She called me at 7:00 am one morning before work to gripe me out because I gave her a copy of Delicious and she had to stay up all night to finish it.

    Congratulations! Loved Private Arrangements, loved Delicious even more. Can’t wait for the next one 🙂

  12. Nicki said:

    I’m not sure I ever mentioned this, but I. Love. Your. Music. I need to find a way to magically download all your music to my iPod. 😛