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The Art Of Getting Blurbs

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STATUS: Completely slammed today so I haven’t had a chance to do anything with my trip notes.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? MONEY BURNS A HOLE IN MY POCKET by Dean Martin

So I’m going to be totally lame and let a lovely author make my point for me today. An author of mine alerted me to this post by Lauren Baratz-Logsted over at Red Room and I personally think that every author and aspiring writer cut and paste this advice into a file that you can review over and over.

There really is an art to requesting a blurb. A way of handling it professionally. A way of being gracious if a request is declined. A way of being gracious if a request is granted (goes without saying) but sure enough, one misguided author has managed to flub it completely.

So here’s the link to Lauren’s advice.

Not to mention, Red Room is a rather cool place. You might want to look around a bit. Lots of good stuff for writers on this site.

10 Responses

  1. Pattie Garner said:

    So, even though I got a rejection letter from you the other day (can you see me swimming in my tears)…..I can’t help but come back to your blog. You make me laugh and want to see what’s playing on your IPOD! Thanks for all the advice you give to us.

  2. Huntington Sharp said:

    Thanks for the shout out, Kristin!

    Lauren’s blurb post is awesome, and she makes a couple of other appearances on Red Room’s Tips page for writers. She’s one of those authors who really cares about passing along what she’s learned.

    Huntington Sharp, Red Room

  3. Kim Stagliano said:

    A writer would have to be foolish not to listen to Lauren’s advice. She’s a generous woman who is happy to share her knowledge. Have you SEEN her Backspace signature line? Novel Novel Novel Novel Novel… clear across the bottom. And now both her husband and young daughter are writing. I don’t live far from her, I’m considering picking through her trash for some fairy dust residue!

  4. Anonymous said:

    great post. just wondering, as an author who has a debut coming out next summer, when is the right time to approach someone for a blurb?

  5. Ken Summers said:

    Ironically, this topic came up this week while discussing my current manuscript with a friend. I probably shouldn’t admit my ignorance, but I was quite clueless before reading her post! But I’m not afraid to say I have flaws…

    Thanks for the enlightenment!