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Upgrade Complete. Foibles Remain.

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STATUS: TGIF! Ack. Computers.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO by Louis Armstrong

My aplogies. The upgrade was fairly seamless but invariably, something doesn’t work properly or has gotten messed up. I’ve spent most of this afternoon trying to nail down all the fixes so Monday can be a normal work day. [snort]

I’m a little too exhausted to try and form coherent sentences for a blog entry today. Let’s hope I’m back in fighting form on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

7 Responses

  1. AstonWest said:

    We were undergoing system upgrades at work this weekend. Having been through similar upgrades before, we always know to bring other things to work on for the inevitable problems come Monday.

  2. Kim Kasch said:

    Upgrades: Necessary evil.

    Did you ever notice evil is live spelled backwards?

    To live in cyberspace you need a little necessary evil.

    Now what does frustration spell backwards?