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Editorial Anonymous Dictionary Of Publishing Terms

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STATUS: I’ve got a crowd of things on my desk—two of which are important in terms of must get done today. So short, sweet, and to the point works for me.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? POETRY MAN by Phoebe Snow

Hey blog readers, if co-op was interesting, do you want to hear more info about P&L Statements, Bookscan, PPB, Earn-out etc.?

Then hightail it over to EA’s blog and make your interest known. I know That Anna Genoese (formerly an editor over there at Tor) used to blog about a lot of these topics when she was still working over there but I haven’t seen an editor tackle any of these subjects in a while.

Brilliant I say.

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  1. BECKY said:

    Oh wow!! I haven’t thought of Phoebe Snow in ages!! And Poetry Man is definitely one of my favorites by her! I have a Greatest Hits CD of hers, that I shall put into my CD player immediately!! You must be a fabulous person, if you love Phoebe!!
    Writer Gal 53

  2. Andy Edwards said:

    I’ve got a question for ya: say there’s a real swanky high powered agent who doesn’t accept queries (Binky Urban or the like), however you’ve actually got something that fits with his/her interests. Say also it’s backed with the endorsement of someone equally high powered from the artist’s end, someone along the lines of a Cormac McCarthy. What would be the protocol of just sending a note about the situation versus a full fledged query? The easy answer, but not always applicable, might be just have the super-author gives the agent a
    heads up. But in reality, an author like that can’t really be expected to run administrative errands for an unknown, especially if they already did you the enormous favor of reading the manuscript in question. So, what do you think: totally out of bounds, a small but potentially fruitful risk, or no big deal-go for it?

    Thanks very much. A.E.

  3. Anonymous said:


    Why not send the query? I know more than one person who has snagged a request from an agent who is “not taking new clients” by just being proactive.

    If the super-author is in fact the author of the agent, it would be really weird for you to mention the endorsement without having the author introduce you. If the person is comfortable endorsing you, they should be comfortable introducing you.

    Have you asked super-author if you can use the endorsement? Because it would be awkward if the agent called super-author’s agent and was like, “Hey, is Cormac talking up this person?” and Cormac says, “I just read the ms as a favor and didn’t want to sound too depressing.”