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STATUS: Late night for me! Just got back from having dinner with Jamie Ford and his wife. Their plane was a little delayed getting in to Denver. Everything is all set for the event and signing tomorrow.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? WATERMARK by Enya

Considering it’s so late and I’m not sure I’m capable of writing a coherent blog entry (and no, I didn’t have that much wine!), I figured I’d pop you over to Jamie’s blog where he has been talking about being on book tour—13 cities in five weeks.

His blog almost puts you there—except that you don’t have to wait in line or have odd moments with security.

My favorite shot is the Costco warehouse in Seattle. Where’s a soundtrack when you need it?

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  1. Melissa said:

    I’m conflicted on the book tour thing. Is he also posting a comparison of how much he’s making in sales and how much he spent in travel, lodging, food, and time off work?

    I want my novel published, and I understand that it will likely fall to me to do the promo. But I don’t feel like I should bankrupt myself to do it — and a five week book tour would do that.