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What’s playing on the iPod right now? WHAT YOU NEED by INXS

So, what are you capable of? Can you create three good reasons to pick you?

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  1. Just_Me said:

    I don’t know who any of those people are, but I’m amused.

    Are we doing 3 reasons to pick me for fantasy football, or writing?

    I’ll try writing since … yeah… I can’t do football.

    1) I’ll make you laugh.

    2) I can follow directions on how to submit a story.

    3) My story is new and fresh, but it knows what shelf it belongs on.

  2. Cat said:

    1) I fight for my dreams 2) I know when not to be a pain in the ass 3) I strive to be a little better every day. (bonus: I can to multi-tasking)
    Pick me. You move.

  3. Dorothy said:

    1. I apprciate criticism and editing and don’t take it personally (is that 2?)
    2 I love what & who I write about.
    3. I push boundaries and still go for a laugh.

  4. Schrödinger's Cat said:

    1. While trying to turn my rejection letters into paper cranes, I ended up creating demented bunnies (which are really quite fun). Even though I appear to be folding and creasing challenged, my students have not given up trying to teach me how to build them, and I haven’t thrown in the towel on trying to learn.

    2. I believe criticism is the key to learning. The ability to accept and assimilate other perspectives into our thinking enables us to improve our craft. Understanding and respecting other perspectives is the key to creating believable characters. My characters, although quirky and sometimes off-color, are people you’ll want to meet.

    3. I spend my life immersed in my genre. The other day I was reading a Louise Rennison book during Sustained Silent Reading and nearly peed my pants laughing. The following day, ten kids (girls AND boys) had one in their hands. So much for silent.

  5. Kathleen MacIver said:

    1) Because I’m always willing to learn.
    2) Because I’m already working to build a fan base, and I know how to market over the internet
    3) Because I’ve improved my story since you rejected it, and I’ll keep improving my writing my entire life.

    Pick me. Your move. (ie: should I re-query?)

  6. ~Sia McKye~ said:

    Kristin, what a video! I had to watch twice. My husband came in when I cued it the second time and I got to listen to wow, OMG, and similar comments. I can’t do anything as dramatic as these guys, although I was a very accurate and good kicker in the day–that would be like when I was in my late teens and in my twenties. Now? I’d still kick but I’d take bets first on where the ball would land and laugh when I picked myself up off the ground.

    I assume we are speaking of writing?

    1. I love creating the magic door to open to exciting worlds, adventures, and people.

    2. I don’t have time to whine over constructive criticism. It’s the fuel I use to strengthen #1

    3. I believe in dreaming big. If that doesn’t work, revise and dream bigger–but never give up.

  7. Jeremy D Brooks said:

    What a great video…some looks like CG, but some looks too real. Can’t tell.

    OK, in keeping with the spirit of the clip:

    1. This morning I took a shower, had eggs and toast, then randomly banged on my keyboard for an hour while reading the newspaper. When I printed it out, it already had a Newbury sticker on the front.

    2. My last book? Just like Gilead–but better.

    3. I can write flash fiction that makes Chuck Norris cry.

    Pick me.

  8. attackfish said:

    1) I would never send you lingerie with my query (that would mean using snail mail and you don’t take snail mail)

    2) I don’t believe my words are set in stone and enjoy editing (really!)

    3) Secondary world fantasy will be the next big thing, I know it!

    Pick me. Your move.

  9. jimnduncan said:

    1. i r rite gudder dan udder riders.

    2. I made sure my query service put your name at the top of the query list.

    3. You would be a fool not to represent my 500k epic retelling of Twilight.

    Sadly, I couldn’t really come up with three actual reasons to pick me over any other number of good writers out there. I’m just a good guy trying to tell a great story.

  10. Jean said:

    Loved the clips. Very impressed.


    Pick me? Okay, because I’m always:

    3)Learning and applying.

    And in case that doesn’t impress you, I can jump off cornices and land on my skis without knocking out myself or my teeth. That’s a nice bonus–writers look better in their cover photos if they have teeth and no black eyes.

  11. lynnrush said:

    OMG. I ’bout fell off my chair when I was watching this. Ok, my exercise ball. I sit on one all day long at my desk. LOL.

  12. Peter said:

    1) All my friends really liked my story; my mama called it ‘charming’
    2) The scented paper adds a fancy touch to the ‘Dear Agent’ letter the warden let me mail
    3) With good behavior I might be out in time for the book tour

  13. Leigh Anna said:

    I’m very late on commenting on this, but I like the concept of thinking of what your assets are. We so rarely brag about ourselves. So here I am.

    1)I have a blog. It’s just getting started, but I’m already beginning to think of platform and ways to build readership for my books.

    2)I am a good public speaker/reader. I grew up performing and know how to be in front of people, talk on the radio, etc.

    3)Previous publications include The Leading Edge, Hadrosaur Tales, and Armchair Aesthete. I also worked with From the Flames Productions on their tv pilot, New Horizons. It didn’t go anywhere, but they did choose me to be a writer on it.

  14. Don Gwinn said:

    1. Like Heinlein, only all my dialogue sounds like two different people speaking to each other.

    2. Like Pratchett, only funnier.

    3. I’m actually a very capable left tackle. If you’re putting together a fantasy football team, you could do worse.