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Power Of Twitter

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STATUS: I’ve got under 200 emails in my inbox! Yes, this is worth celebrating. I haven’t seen a number this low in weeks.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? CHIQUITA by ABBA

Talk about eye-popping. Lisa Shearin just forwarded an email that Felicia Day had sent her regarding Felicia’s twittering yesterday of THE TROUBLE WITH DEMONS.

According to Felicia, over 10,000 people clicked on her twitter link to the page for DEMONS.

Of course she can’t track who then purchased but if even just 1% did an actual buy, that would be a solid 100 copies in one day.

I’m thinking all my clients need a celebrity fan! Hello.

But seriously, look at the mechanisms Lisa put in place that allowed people to reach out to her. She knew about Felicia’s blog via Google Alerts and then she followed up on it. If you’ve got a book being published this year, make sure your website is up and ready by the time galleys go out. Make sure there is a way for fans to contact you. If you’re doing a social networking site, make sure that’s ready. Be sure to track your reviews as you never know who might be talking about you! Sure it can be a lot of work tracking this stuff but it just might pay off in nice dividends!


20 Responses

  1. Katherine E. Hazen said:

    If her Amazon rank is any indication of how many of those 10,000 actually bought the book, it looks good since The Trouble with Demons is up to 1,607 in overall books and 27 in contemporary fantasy. Congrats, Miss Shearin! 🙂

  2. Charlie said:

    I follow Jamie Ford on Twitter just to see what an author’s life is like. He drives his kids to school like a normal person!

  3. Evangeline said:

    What’s funny is that despite being a Buffy fangirl, I had no idea who Felicia Day was. *g* So now that know who Day is and what your client Lisa Shearin writes, I have a greater appreciation for the unwitting promo done for Lisa’s book on Twitter.

  4. Rebecca Knight said:

    This is awesome! 😀 I loved her in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog (which if you haven’t seen, you absolutely have to…it’s wonderful beyond words).

  5. Pissenlit said:

    Wow! Congrats, Lisa! And just think of all the people who just went to the bookstore to check them out instead of going to Amazon and all the people those 10,000+ people told by word of mouth or blogged about or…wow.

    Rebecca, I totally loved Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog! 😀

  6. HeatherM said:

    Excellent advise about making sure one’s web sit is up and ready. Will take to heart. . .

  7. Rachel said:

    Last night I actually bought the first book in the series because of Felicia Day’s blog posts about it (the series as a whole, I mean). She had a link to the book on Amazon, and it’s $6.39 for the Kindle, so I bought it. I started reading it last night and am hooked. And it’s all due to Felicia’s awesome reviews.

    Good job, Lisa, for writing really fun books, and congratulations on having the luck to catch the right person’s attention! But you generally have to have something outstanding to start with for the latter to happen. 🙂

  8. Joseph L. Selby said:

    Felicia is very gracious in her enthusiasm for products she enjoys. She did an interview with Pat Rothfuss last year (maybe the year before) because she was such a fan of The Name of the Wind.

  9. Dara said:

    I keep trying to get involved with Twitter but I can’t seem to be in the habit of updating it 😛

    Perhaps in time…right now I’m more of a Facebook addict 🙂

    That’s awesome how much interest and (hopefully!) sales that were generated from it.

  10. Rodell said:

    Hey, I checked out Pub Rants because I work above a friendly tavern and am always eager to engage an argument.

    But I was happy to find your blog. I think I crossed your path on a recent round of secret agent.

    Have a great day, ranter!

  11. Anonymous said:

    “According to Felicia, over 10,000 people clicked on her twitter link to the page for DEMONS.”

    I’m on Twitter and I don’t see how it’s possible to track the # of clicks from tweeted links. How does one do this?

  12. worldofhiglet said:

    Anon: Felicia used, a URL shortener that, well, shortens URLs 🙂 This is useful because of the 140 character limit of Twitter. There are many URL shorteners but is a good one to use because you can track the number of clicks the links you create get.

    Well done, Lisa!