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Because You Have A Dream–Friday Funnies Early

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STATUS: I’m going to be on a plane all day tomorrow so no blogging.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? RIDE LIKE THE WIND by Christopher Cross

I should probably say Friday Inspirational as not all the videos or links that I share on Fridays are funny per se but that’s the tag label so I’m grouping them together.

I love the TV show Britain’s Got Talent. Last year, I shared the video clip of Paul Potts, a rather rumpled looking mobile sales men, auditioning by singing Nessun Dorma and just stunning the audience.

On April 11, 2009, a rather rumpled Susan Boyle decided to take on Simon and the Gang and sing I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables. She did, indeed, dream a dream. Here’s the link as the clip couldn’t be embedded.

I admit. I’m a sucker. These types of moments make me tear up.

And speaking of dreams, an agent friend shot me an email to say that the Guys Lit Wire Blog is promoting reading for boys. They’ve learned that the LA County Juvenile Justice Center has no library whatsoever. Nada. Here they’re trying to rehabilitate these kids and they haven’t got a single book for them to read to show them other options for their lives. So the people running the blog are doing a two week drive to try to get the beginnings of a library for the juvenile prison there. Click here for info. They’ve got a wish list set up at Powell’s Bookstore and information for how to purchase and where to send the books, etc.

Because we all have a dream…

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  1. Ghost Girl said:

    Holy cow! How can you inspire young people without giving them books? I’m hopping over there right now to find out more.

    I’m in hot pursuit of a dream, myself…

  2. DebraLSchubert said:

    Megan, Thanks for that link. Talk about not being able to judge a book by its cover!!! Speaking of books, thanks for the link to the library for the juvenile justice center, Kristin. I’m all over that.

  3. therese said:

    Thanks! I love this industry! Great links and keep up the good work!
    Story will never succumb to the bottom line of profit margins and marketing requirements.

  4. Lilith des Cavernes said:

    Thank you for the information about LA County. I was born there and know something of its politics. It’s important for information like this to become public.


  5. mnemophiliac said:

    Kids will read. This nonsense about the end of reading ignores the fact that the mind stays relatively the same from generation to generation. Whatever it was that started us writing is still imprinted in our childrens’ minds. They just need something to start them off.

    Good to see people trying.

  6. Janet Reid said:

    Thanks for the link to the Powells wishlist for the LA County Juvenile Justice Center library. I was very happy to see many of the books they’d listed were already sent! I added a couple of course. It was a lot of fun to send books from authors I knew, or that were edited by pals.

    Feel Good Friday!

  7. Chris Scena said:

    Thank you for the link to Guys Lit Wire. I purchased a couple of books for the drive. Please keep posting these kinds of opportunities.

    Chirs Scena

  8. Anonymous said:

    Hi Kristin, I love your blog.

    If 10 days might be ‘too slow’ to get a great manuscript/ author (who might hear back from someone else sooner, etc)…

    do you think 10 days is too soon to expect/ hope to hear back from editors when your MS is out on submission, or does not hearing anything pretty much mean that your manuscript may not be picked up?

    Thanks for any thoughts about this.

    A Writer on Submission (by a fabulous agent, actually, so no complaints there at all).