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Friday Funnies!

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STATUS: TGIF! Go and have a beautiful weekend. Spring is officially here.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? CLOUDBUSTING by Kate Bush

Kudos to my client Linnea Sinclair who sent this video my way. Absolutely hilarious take on the editing process by Lara Zielin (whose debut DONUT DAYS comes out in August 2009).

She writes. She sings. She frolics in meadows (which was my favorite part!).

Enjoy and happy Friday.

22 Responses

  1. Tracy said:

    I just about fell out of my chair laughing when I saw this the other day. Maybe I’m an easy sell, but I’d buy her book just because of this video!

  2. Dara said:

    That was hilarious! I’m glad the office is quiet right now otherwise the real estate agents would be looking at me funny because of the laughter 😛

    I think my favorite part was the end with the letter chasing her. That was hysterical!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Love it.
    Can’t wait to get my own editing letter soon.
    Just hoping for a hotter mailman!

  4. Kathryn Magendie said:

    Stopping by from BkSp to do some reading …. *smiling*

    I just realized – I also receive your newsletter, I didn’t at first make the connection!

  5. Amy said:

    My favorite part is at 3:15 when the postman hands her an editing letter in the dark. These videos are a good idea, Jen Lancaster (huge fan) did one for her book last year of her chasing donuts on a treadmill.

    Boy… I tell you though… I can’t think of anything that would make me happier right now than an editing letter.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lara Zielin said:

    Aaa! I LOVE this site and Kristin! It’s all like, you know, circle of life here and stuff because the information and encouragement on this blog is a big reason why DONUT DAYS got published. Thank you, thank you!

  7. Laura said:

    I like the postman who actually morphed into an editing letter. That was absolutely classic.

  8. Lilith des Cavernes said:

    Namaste Kristen,
    This was too funny. It’s quite intimidating at the same time to those of us who have such horrors to look forward to in life… if we’re lucky.

    Thank you for this… and thank you for your blog. It is most helpful.