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Friday Funnies

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STATUS: Chutney and I are heading to Central Park. Or maybe we’ll do Riverside today. Either way, I should take at least one picture of her in Manhattan. What’s a New York trip without one gratuitous Chutney pic?

What’s playing on the iPod right now? SILLY LOVE SONGS by Paul McCartney & Wings

Today’s funny courtesy of Sherry Thomas—who despite writing emotionally wrenching and beautifully written historical romances, has a keen sense of humor. Today’s post is perfect coming from her.

TGIF! Enjoy your day.

8 Responses

  1. Kendra said:

    I have to forward this to my IT friend. He’s found that asking the question “Is it plugged in?” solves most problems.

  2. Kate said:

    I love the rants. But I was confused about the last publishers’ list….they still WANT this stuff? I was hoping your including “underbid” meant they weren’t head over heels in love with the same old things. I was hoping you meant that’s what they were seeing, but not what they were looking for. Confused.

  3. therese said:

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. I live with an IT (worked with them too) and can state the same is true in reverse…
    “I left a pair of shorts on the floor, where’d they go?”
    “That was last week, check your drawer.”
    “Wow, it’s magic. They’re even clean.”

  4. Jeanne Tomlin said:

    Kristin, a question about this on your submission page. “Don’t immediately send another email query if an agent has just rejected your first.”

    Perfectly sensible but if query and novel has seen revision, how long is no longer “immediately”? *blush*