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R.I.P The King Of Pop

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STATUS: Maybe I’m a little too attached to old pop culture but Farrah and Michael in the same day? I have to blog about it.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? BILLIE JEAN by Michael Jackson

What news. I feel like an essential part of my teen hood has just died. MTV. Thriller. King of Pop. It doesn’t feel like it was 27 years ago.

In Loving Memory…

Here’s the link to the original MTV video.

It’s worth a little nostalgia for the 1980s Michael

25 Responses

  1. Marie said:

    I hope we’ll remember Michael Jackson for his talents and the way he has helped shape pop music’s landscape, and not for his controversy. Rest in peace, MJ.

    Farrah’s death is just so tragic, I wish she had a chance to marry Ryan O’Neal before the inevitable. She’s definitely missed.

  2. magraham said:

    These celebrity tragedies always seem to come in 3’s – McMahon, Farrah and now Michael. Growing up, I was always more a Donny Osmond fan than a MJ fan, but they’re really sort of linked in my memories. And wasn’t the whole world filled with MJ fans during the Thriller era?

    The King of Rock left us long ago and now the King of Pop is gone too. True originals both who can be imitated but not duplicated. While both were flawed men, their talent illuminated generations.

    Perhaps such creative fire burns so hotly that it can’t survive long. Like Elvis, Michael’s legacy is his music, and it will be making people dance and smile long after all of us are gone.

    Maybe now the Man In The Mirror can rest in peace.

  3. Anonymous said:

    I fell in love with Michael Jackson’s music in college (in thee late ninety’s- long after his glory days). Despite all the controversy I think everyone knows he was a brilliant, brilliant musician.

  4. Aimee K. Maher said:

    Ugh. So sad today. When I think of what I was doing 25 years ago? Listening to vinyl in my parents den. MJ, Lauper, Phil Collins. Such good kid memories.

  5. Katlin said:

    I’m only 19 but the loss of this amazing artist hits me hard. I remember the first time I heard him sing, Say You’ll Be There (Free Willy), I fell in love with his music! And that was at a young age! All of his songs are masterpieces! Michael will truly be missed! R.I.P.

  6. DebraLSchubert said:

    I had Michael Jackson’s pictures torn out of my Tiger Beat mags along with Donny Osmond and David Cassidy. He was one of my first “loves.” Blessing to his family, may he rest in peace.

  7. Don Gwinn said:

    I liked “Thriller” a lot when I was a kid, too, but . . . . what would the guy have to do to turn folks off, anyway? Seems it would take an awful lot.
    I realize he passed away, but does that really make everything OK?

  8. Aimee K. Maher said:

    He was never convicted. I realize there are people on both sides of the fence on that issue, but I am a very neutral thinker that also happens to believe strongly in due process.

    I just think it would be nice for people to acknowledge his life for at least one day, then go back to theorizing or bickering. He made amazing contributions to music and in return the price he payed was to never lived a normal life.

    I feel sad for him. He was a mess.

  9. Elissa M said:

    The real tragedy is how easily people judge someone (good or bad) they don’t even know.

    Michael Jackson was a real person with real talent and real flaws. Beyond that, I don’t honestly and truly know anything about him. I doubt anyone else commenting here does, either.

    May he rest in peace.

  10. Marie said:

    I think a lot of people forget about the charity work he did throughout his life. Aside from the unproven child molestation charges, MJ always seemed to give off a generous air to me. I can’t think of anything else negative that he’s done; people kept suing him to get his money. Remember ‘Heal the World’? The song he said he was most proud of…. I believe he was a very misunderstood person. And to handle that amount of fame from the time one is 11 years old is not easy.

  11. Katlin said:

    Elissa M, you are completely right! Nobody knows the real Michael except his family and even there, they can’t know everything. I personally believe he was a good man. His charity work was amazing! The only other person I know of that has helped out that drastically is Oprah. Jackson’s music speaks for itself.

  12. Dara said:

    I may not have been a fan of MJ (I am only 24 years old) but I am sad about his death.

    What gets me is the venom spewed by some about how he’s in hell–it breaks my heart! And some of this is coming from my fellow Christians and it makes me sick that they can be so judgmental…

    No one knows everything, like Katlin said. I am praying for the best and praying for his family now.

    Same thing goes for Farrah and Ed McMahon. It’s hard to believe that they all died in the same week and two of them on the same day no less! 🙁

  13. A. Grey said:

    I was only two when Thriller was released and my mom forbid us from seeing the video. But when she went to the grocery store, dad would let us flip on MTV and watch it. It was like getting snuck chocolate! *sigh*

  14. Diva Donna said:

    I love ‘Billie Jean.’ The goofy rebel movie and the song. Thriller was not my favorite, but I am definitely a child of the era.

    Michael Jackson left a deep impression on our generation and the music industry.

    My mind is, of course, coming up with conspiracy theories for why this has all happened in threes.

  15. Linda Pendleton said:

    Artistic expression begins as inspiration. Michael Jackson’s creative genius flowed into art and in his magical art he reached out to the world with love and healing in an incredible creative expression.

    And Farrah showed us a strength and determination to live.

  16. Solvang Sherrie said:

    I begged my parents to take me to my aunt’s house the night Thriller aired for the first time. We didn’t have cable and I HAD to see it. That video was such an event. I enjoyed his music, but I always felt kind of sorry for him. He never got to live a real life.

  17. Rebecca Knight said:

    Ugh, so sad! I hope he is resting in peace.

    I love Michael Jackson’s music–I have amazing kid memories, too, but he’s always remained in my top favorite artists list.

    That Thriller video brought a smile to my face. Thank you! 🙂