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Untitled In Paradise

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STATUS: Aloha! Need I say more?

What’s playing on the iPod right now? Kokomo by Beach Boys

Here is a shot of me working this morning before the conference officially begins!

It’s a tough life but somebody has to do it. I’ve got my feet up and my netbook (thank you Ally and Leslie!) ready to roll. As I’ve been working on this little netbook, I’ve had 3 different people stop and ask me about it.

I should get a kickback from Verizon or HP or something. Even though it’s a brand new toy, I’ve got my eye on that new Apple iBook as well if they ever release it this fall.

So what’s happening today at the conference? Opening ceremonies and then the agents and editors are free until the one-on-one consultations begin at 2 pm. I imagine a lot of attendees are nervously awaiting that.

Just remember, keep your pitch short—under 2 minutes—and allow time for the agent to ask questions. Don’t worry. We are pros at this and we’ll do our best to help you relax and make it a good experience (and to pull the necessary info out of you if you botch it!) Grin.

Still, you want to be able to talk about your novel easily so simply practice in the mirror a two sentence sum up of it so you are ready.

Have a great Labor Day weekend folks. I know I will.

22 Responses

  1. Joseph L. Selby said:

    Apple iBook? Are you a gadget freak? Given all the other electronics you have, you have absolutely no use for an iBook (other than to stimulate the economy, and Apple products are priced to stimulate the economy).

    (As a side note, not including a blog subject line makes it tough for those of us that follow you through an RSS feed.)

    Enjoy Hawaii.

  2. Kristin Laughtin said:

    I love my netbook. Usually people blow me off when I say I have one, expecting it to be just another laptop until I pull it out. Then it’s, “Whoa, it’s so tiny!” And awesome.

  3. Shannan said:

    What a great way to spend the long weekend… ahhhh. I’ve thought about doing this conference before – but figured all I’d do is gawp at the scenery – seeing your picture, I think I’d sit and put my feet up too.

    I like Anon’s idea: Ankles in Paradise. Sounds like a good book title.

    Enjoy, and don’t worry about us suckers on the mainland =D

  4. DebraLSchubert said:

    I’m SO jealous!!! I think I’m going to have to look into that conference next year. I’m determined to get to Hawaii one or the other. That way, I could write it off!!! (Great shoes, btw!)

  5. nkrell said:

    Aloha! Have fun in Hawaii! I get to meet Ally Carter this weekend! Why yes, I do plan on going to her book signing. Yea! Another NYT best-selling author coming to visit us here in Atlanta.

    I also can’t wait for Janice Hardy’s book to come out. (In October!) Yep, that’s another author I’ll get to meet without leaving the comfort of my home state.

    So, you have fun in Hawaii. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

  6. Barbara's Spot on the Blog said:

    How wonderful to enjoy Hawaii while working. I hope you stay a few extra days to get some beach time.

    I’ve just discovered your blog so I’m reading back through old posts. I must say you impress me as an agent with a heart of gold. Thank you for that. You’re providing a wonderful service for us writers trying to learn the business and you do it with great compassion and honesty. Thank you.

  7. Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said:

    Like I said, I’m so jealous! And it’s so funny that you blogged about your Netbook! I was shopping for one this weekend (small enough to fit in my purse!) But I might wait for the Apple tablet, too.

    Then again, I might get both. I’m back in school so I get 10% off… I don’t buy clothes or shoes—I buy computer equipment and books. That’s my idea of a splurge.

    Please post pictures when the conference starts!!!

  8. Michelle said:

    Agreeing with Christy…the educator’s discount on Apple products is greatness!:)

    Have a fantastic time on the beach– I mean, at the consultations, Kristin!

  9. Lindsey said:

    I just bought myself a netbook as well. They are such fabulous little things, aren’t they? Love that it fits so well in my purse!
    Hawaii is beautiful, arrived here Wednesday myself. Hope you have time to schedule a few fun activities while you’re in Honolulu!

  10. jimnduncan said:

    Kristin, keep an eye out for the new Asus ereader also. It looks very cool (which can be deceiving of course), opens like a book, wifi, color screen even. Biggest thing compared to the upcoming Apple? It’s cheap.

  11. Haste yee back ;-) said:


    If you really want to see beautiful Hawaii, head over to the Kona side of the Big Island, (Island of Hawaii), Kona no ka oi!

    Wife and I lived in Kailua Kona. LOVED IT! If possible we’d go back in a heart-beat!

    Haste yee back 😉