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STATUS: I let the mail pile up all week so I’m finally going through all stuff that didn’t need immediate attention.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE by Anita Baker

I was on my laptop last night and found this picture that Simone Elkeles sent me. I just laughed and laughed. Only in New York!

She snapped this shot from the back of a cab where she was riding to the marketing meeting we were having with the Walker team for PERFECT CHEMISTRY.

I definitely think pink is his color. TGIF! I’m out.

26 Responses

  1. Kristina said:

    That’s true, the funniest part of that picture is that no one else seems to be the least bit surprised.

    Actually, I did see something like this in Chicago, so maybe not ONLY in NYC.

    When I actually did visit NYC I was a little disappointed at the lack of hijinx…

  2. Brittany said:

    Lol! Once in Chicago, I saw a man dressed like Jesus and carrying a cross. And it wasn’t anywhere near Christmas.

  3. Anonymous said:


    So this comment doesn’t have anything really to do with anything, but I had a question about the YA market and subject matter, and I thought who better to ask than you.

    I’ve heard from some sources that gay/lgbt fiction is more accepted in the YA publishing houses and by the agents lately than it was, and then from other people I’ve heard that it’s still a huge roadblock and can still really limit whether a book sells or even gets an agent. Do you have any thoughts or comments on this? I’m just wondering because I know ASH by Malinda Lo just came out, and it made me want to know if there were any other books like that around, or if that book is going to become the “token” lgbt book for the next several years.

    I would really like to see lgbt plots and romances come up more in YA–and not as Huge Things or in books with a social agenda, but just as romantic sub-plots… Will that ever happen?

  4. Madison L. Edgar said:

    Brittany… I swear I saw the same Jesus man in Fort Worth, Texas. I took a picture!!

    Too Cute to be Very Interesting: I absolutely love your comment. I nearly died laughing!

  5. Torsten Adair said:

    While I grew up in Omaha, I have been a Gothamite since 1997. NYers have a different mental flowchart than most Americans. Someone out of the ordinary? Is he harmless? Ignore. Annoying? Move away. Dangerous? Move very far away.

    In Times Square, the nation’s flystrip for whackoes… the “ignore” factor doubles. Myself, I might grin, but usually I just keep walking.

    Lessee… mariachi bands (in full regalia!), and break dancers on the subway; a man doing the tango with a manequin, human statues in the stations; the “naked” cowboy and those stupid character costumes on the street…

    And I enjoy it, even though I grumble, because it makes New York unique.

  6. David Kearns said:

    Excellent! See guys! This is what you have to do to get an agent’s attention!

    Hey, he was probably on the way to a writer’s conference to pitch a story to an agent!


  7. Amber said:


    Because I live in rural New Hampshire, seeing something like this woul be the oh-my-goodness-I-have-to-tell-you…. subject for the next three days. ^^

    Yet, NYC… mneh. 🙂

  8. Karen said:

    What’s even better is that no one seems to be looking at him. And of course he’s got the legs to pull it off. Maybe that’s why. 🙂 Thanks for the laugh.

  9. Anonymous said:

    I’m not sure if this is it, but I recently saw on the news that men of a construction company (working on a building used for ballet) were practicing to do a ballet for charity. I’m not sure of the city (NYC?) or the time frame for the show.