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Hard At Work On The Holiday

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STATUS: My office is three blocks from Coors Field. Really, what did you expect?

What’s playing on the iPod right now? TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME by Harry Carry (Not really but I couldn’t resist.)

Here I am. Hard at work on a late Monday afternoon. Not that it did a lick of good. Curse those Phillies! Grin.

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  1. Simon C. Larter said:

    Sorry to disappoint’cha! The (Irish) pub I was at tonight went nuts when we cranked out 3 runs in the top of the 9th.

    Then again, I do love visiting my family in Boulder…

  2. Gordon Jerome said:

    Oh great, sports talk.

    I never really got it, sports I mean. I never really understood how people find happiness in watching sports. I guess it’s the identification, identification with a team and then vicariously going to war with them. I actually saw an obituary once that said,”…a long-time Saints fan…” In that person’s case, the identification became the identity.

    Myself, I’ve always been a loner.

    Yet, I look at the picture in this post, and I assume that’s Kristin holding up the, whatever it is… a banner I guess, and there’s all these shiny happy people around her braving the cold together like a pack of frozen hotdogs. And I get a glimpse, just a split-second impression, of how it must feel to belong to a pack.

    But then it disappears, and all I see is the ludicrous nature of it.

    After all, it’s not real. It’s ephemeral and fake. The people are happy being together for the moment, but they would never really stand by one another. It’s a brothel love affair. It’s something that stands in the place of real belonging, and it reminds me of how alone I am in the world, how alone I always have been, and how alone we all are if we have to pay the ticket price for a momentary touch of it.

    Go Rockies!

  3. Marie Devers said:

    Born and raised in Philadelphia, I was watching, and being that you are the only person I “know” in Colorado, I actually wondered if you were there.

    Mystery solved!

  4. Kristina said:

    “After all, it’s not real. It’s ephemeral and fake.”

    So are novels.

    I like watching sports for the simple reason that it’s, well, fun.

    Glad you had a good time, Kristin.

  5. wyowriter said:

    Hey Kristen!
    Went to last night’s (Monday) game – what a heartbreaker, but worth every second! So when we got up to leave, I pointed out a brown-haired woman to my husband. He’s really good with faces. I showed him your blog pic this morning…I don’t want to sound stalkerish- but I think we saw you! Exciting for me – somehow I had convinced myself that you lived in my laptop. I thought you might get a kick out of being recognized- you’re a celebrity! So that overly-pregnant chick that was weirdly staring at you as you were leaving – that was a blog fan!(and my husband thought it was entirely appropriate for a girl who asked for an old library card catalogue for a bday present would get excited over something like this).
    Rockies – next year, boys!

  6. ChristaCarol said:

    Hehe, I just love the picture! The whole peeking out thing going on. Glad you had fun! I have a hard time following sports for the simple fact I can only follow so many things in my life. But, I do LOVE to go to games when I can, they’re fun even when I don’t know what the heck is going on.

  7. Madison L. Edgar said:

    Poor Rockies… They were so close! At least you don’t live in Fort Worth where the closest baseball team is the Rangers!


  8. Madison L. Edgar said:

    Gordon, I can’t believe what I’m hearing. You’re a guy, right? Sports bring people close together. For me, it’s basketball. It’s not my identity but anyone who knows me knows I’m in love with the team. There’s almost nothing better than the feeling that comes when the [fill in favorite sports team here] win. My bad day all of a sudden turned good. My troubles, poof, gone! I’m doing a terrible job of explaining this but that’s because the feeling in unexplainable! Yeesh.

  9. Ryan Potter said:

    Look at early elimination as a good thing. At least the Rockies won’t have to experience the severe slaughter that awaits any team facing my Yankees in the World Series!

  10. Gordon Jerome said:

    Since my last post was deleted by the great sports fan in the sky, just let me say, Madison, that, no, I’m not a guy. How could I be? I don’t follow sports. I must be some other form of life.