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STATUS: I’m done for the night.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? LANDSLIDE by Dixie Chicks

Considering all the chatter over the last two days, today has been relatively quiet. SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America) did issue a statement. You can find that here.

Also, the Ashley Grayson agency blogged with their response.

On a wholly different note, I have a Friday funny—sort of. Do you remember my blogging about an Eddie Murphy movie being shot on our street about two summers ago? For two days in a row they had the extras and the movie crew filming. Sara and I remember it vividly as a car alarm kept going off incessantly. With our windows open on a nice summer day, it was all we could hear for two days running.

Can’t imagine why if you don’t remember. That was a year and a half or two years ago. I only remembered a couple of weeks ago when my husband said he caught the film while on an airplane trip.

The movie is called IMAGINE THAT and no, neither Chutney or I are in the film. In fact, I can’t imagine what they were doing on our street for all that time because in the film itself, there is a brief flash of the front façade of our office in the SH Supply Company building in the scene where Eddie Murphy is fumbling in his briefcase for something while driving. About 10 seconds later, the car drives down the alley behind the building.

Exciting stuff I’m telling you. Grin.

There is one big scene where Mr. Murphy dances on a concrete wall and there is a beautiful lit up staircase behind him. This leads to the bridge that goes over the railroad tracks and into lower downtown. Very noticeable by the bridge support which looks like a ship’s mast. (You can actually see that scene in the movie trailer.)

Well, that takes place right in front of the Platte River Park where Chutney and I often go walking on nice days.

Anyway, highly amusing to watch a movie set in Denver and in Lodo where our office is located.

I’m out. Have a great weekend.

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  1. Lydia Sharp said:

    It’s always exciting when you’re “almost famous.” I remember a few years back when they were filming for the second Spiderman movie, they filmed a portion of it in downtown Cleveland. I think they were here for about a week, and the clip in the movie was less than a minute long. Apparently, they just liked the way a certain street looked with the buildings and such. Made a good background. Funny, though, because I never thought that downtown Cleveland looked anything like New York City, which is where the movie took place. *shrugs*

    On a more concise note, the Dixie Chicks’ version of Landslide is one of my favorites.

  2. Roberto Calas said:

    Hi Kristin,

    I’m going to be that annoying guy that points out a really tiny thing in a self-righteous, indignant manner:

    SFWA is for Science Fiction AND Fantasy. I know you know that, but I figured I’d point it out since us fantasy writers have it tough enough as it is. =)

  3. Donna Hole said:

    THE CLANSMAN and THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES were both filmed in my home town. My parents never allowed us to watch Clansman and as I grew older, I forgot about the fascination and have not yet watched the movie. Shame on me!!

    I have seen Josey Wales many times, and I’m always amazed that all that territory is in and around the town (sorry; Oroville, CA).

    I find it almost as cool to watch movies set in places that I’ve visited and recognize the landmarks. You’d think it’d make a bigger impression on me.



  4. Chumplet - Sandra Cormier said:

    Jude Law and Forest Whitaker were shooting a movie a block from our house at the local hospital. It’s a science fiction flick that hasn’t been released yet. I can’t wait to see it.

    The trailers and trucks paraded past our house 2-3 weekends in a row, parking at the end of our street. I wish I’d hung around the set but was too shy.

  5. Anonymous said:

    I read the links you posted on responses to Harlequins move. I am surprised that so many people are in an uproar about it. I can see why Harlequin’s authors would not want the same name used for their self-publishing, but other than that why is this so troubling?

    I wouldn’t consider doing it, but there are many writers who a) have the money and b) want a print copy of their book. So, why shouldn’t they have access to these types of services if they want them?

    Also, I don’t understand if from Harlequin Horizons the author simply gets a royalty on the books they sell and what that rate would be (even though they pay for it upfront) or if they get all the profits.

    If the author makes most of the profits, I could really see some successful e-published writers doing this type of thing. If they already have a following, and a good percentage of readers check author websites for information, why not sell directly to their readers? Harlequin Horizon does do e-book formats too.

    I guess it all depends on how much of the profits from the books the authors keep.

  6. Laura said:

    Hahahaha. That’s great. LOVE to hear stories about brushes with fame. I was caught up in a shoot for the movie Lions For Lambs. I was working in the Los Angeles Times newsroom where they were filming a scene and there were extras all around me as Robert Redford surveyed the newsroom and Meryl Streep took her mark by my desk. In between takes, one of the make up crew came by and started brushing my hair. I turned around and she said, “Oh, your real.” I was like, yeah. I am. Um…am I? What does it mean to be real? It was one of the funniest things someone has ever said to me:) And the newsroom scene in the movie? A couple minutes….

    Poor “extras.” They work SUCH long hours. They shot in the newsroom into the night, all for a couple minutes.