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2010 RITA Nominations

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This post is long overdue as the news came in last week—and big news it was. Nelson Literary Agency has 6 RITA nominations for 2010! Woot.

Biggest congrats to Carolyn Jewel who is a double finalist! Much deserved Carolyn as I think you are an amazing writer who is flying under the radar and shouldn’t be.

2010 RITA for Historical Romance Finalist

2010 RITA for Paranormal Romance Finalist

2010 RITA for Regency Historical Romance Finalist

2010 RITA for Romance Novella Finalists
“This Wicked Gift” by Courtney Milan in The Heart of Christmas

2010 RITA for Young Adult Romance

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14 Responses

  1. Matthew Rush said:

    Good morning Kristin. I don’t read romance but I do wish all who try their hand at writing success so … congratulations to your authors!

  2. Sharon K. Mayhew said:

    Perfect Chemistry is the only one I’ve read from the list…I tend to read YA, MG, CB, and PB. It’s a great book. I read, recently, that Simone Elkeles has a new book coming out soon. 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  3. Heather Snow said:

    Congrats to the Nelson Agency’s RITA nominees! Hope to meet some of you in Nashville. March 25 was an exciting and nerve-wracking day for those who entered the RITA and Golden Heart…best of luck to all!

  4. sdanic said:

    What a fantastic showing. Congratulations. My library is already on its second copy of Perfect Chemistry. We can’t keep it on the shelf.

  5. kmari03 said:

    Congratulations on the awards and thanks for this blog. I really find it helpful and fun.

    I was wondering, do agents have any input on when and how books get in to libraries — especially how many copies of bestsellers libraries carry? My book budget is severely limited at this point in my grad school career. My library doesn’t have any of Carolyn Jewel’s books and they haven’t yet stocked Ally Carter’s new book. I ended up buying a copy for me and my cousin to read and I plan to donate it to my local branch. No Perfect Chemistry either, not in the whole system! (I’m in the metro area of a major city.)

    How concerned are agents with getting books into libraries? Is there any sense at all that readers who get their books from libraries are a “lost sale?” How much do you encourage your readers to leverage libraries as a way of getting their book out to the public? Is there an accepted lag time between when a book ends up in bookstores and when it shows up in libraries?

    I know you don’t have a lot of chances to answer questions right out of comments, but thanks in advance if you do and if not I’ll keep digging…maybe ask the librarian. I’m not looking to publicize a book right now…I’m more interested as a reader. Perhaps some of the other commenters know more?


  6. worstwriterever said:

    Total romance reader here, these titles look very interesting. I also really like the covers, especially for My Forbidden Desire.

    Congrats on the nominations 🙂

  7. Anonymous said:

    To KMARI03 — Hi, I’m a librarian, and no, agents have no input whatsoever on library buys. A lot of librarians have very little more knowledge of publishing than the average reader, which is not much. Libraries also have limited budgets, and a lot of them don’t buy mass market paperbacks. Mine doesn’t. We used to rely on donations for a “paperback collection”, but that fizzled out, and now we just don’t buy mass market paperbacks, which is frustrating when such a huge number of titles ONLY come out in mass market pb format!