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Bologna Children’s Book Fair Pics (Take 2)

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STATUS: Fighting the flu. Kristin—0 Flu—10 I’m getting my you-know-what kicked.

What’s playing on the iPod right now? NOTION by Kings of Leon

As you can imagine, the first week back in the office after being gone for 2 weeks is a bit chaotic. In fact, today I didn’t even make it there thanks to being sick. I really had no desire to pass this lovely illness on to Anita or Sara. If I don’t have a fever tomorrow, maybe I’ll go in but I’m thinking it will be more like Wednesday.

As promised (since blogger is no longer acting up) I can finally share pics from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair so you can get a visual—a little snippet of what it was like to be there. Besides, this is all my brain is capable of doing at the moment.

Here I am sitting at my table in the Agents Center. Behind me is Riley Ellis from 20th Century Fox Studios.

Out to dinner. Author and Agent comraderie! Starting from left: me, clients Sarah Rees Brennan and Ally Carter. Next to Ally is Cassandra Clare’s husband Josh, Cassie Clare, Maureen Johnson and her agent Kate Testerman. Cassie’s agent Barry Goldblatt is taking the picture.

Jamie Ford’s HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, an Italian bestseller, in the front window of the main bookstore in Bologna. That was so cool to see in person.

In the Agents Centre. From left: me, Irene Calpe of Versatil Spain. Next to her is Sarah Rees Brennan. Irene is Sarah’s Spanish editor for THE DEMON’S LEXICON. Standing next to her is Consuela, Editorial Director of Versatil.

More pics tomorrow!


9 Responses

  1. Annette Lyon said:

    You’re probably aware, but in case not–Hotel is a finalist for the Whitney Awards under the General Fiction category. I think he’s got a fantastic shot at taking Best Novel or Best Novel by a New Author. (Results will be announced April 24–I hope he can make it to the gala!)

  2. Marie Lu said:

    Oh noes! Hope you feel better soon–a lot of my friends have had various flus lately. But it looks like the trip itself was fabulous and packed with fun. 🙂

  3. Kristi said:

    Love the photos and hope you feel better soon! I want a Kristin-10 Flu-0 stat!

    Thanks for sharing your time at the fair!

  4. mary said:

    These photos made me smile. A lot. Thanks for the taste of life beyond my coffee, and writing, and kids, and housework this morning :-).