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Ally Carter In Colorado

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STATUS: Sorry! You know it’s a tough week when I can’t find 15 minutes to squeeze in a blog. RWA is next week in Orlando. Probably don’t need to say more.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? LOVE MY WAY by Psychedelic Furs

I’m going to start today’s entry with a totally non-publishing related rant. All I want to say is that just once, I want to walk to work in the morning without seeing some male stranger’s underwear. Seriously people, pull your pants up or use a belt. This isn’t complicated because if you don’t look like a ripped athlete or Calvin Klein underwear model, then it’s not sexy. It’s just underwear (and not all that attractive at that!).

I don’t think I’m asking too much here…

But in fun news for ONLY THE GOOD SPY YOUNG, Ally Carter in the flesh is coming to Colorado (Boulder to be exact) this Sunday, July 25. I’d love to see you there and come say hello.

Barnes & Noble
Crossroads Commons
2999 Pearl StreetBoulder, CO 80301303-444-0349

Here’s the link to check out the event and to get more info!

17 Responses

  1. Alice said:

    Oh my gosh. I think you explained the underwear thing exact. If your not a Calvin Klein Model pull your pants up, ha ha ha. Love that.

  2. Tasmanian Devil said:

    Hi Ally, I think you are asking too much because the cause is complicated and the solution is too (but contrary to what you’ve said it does involve publishing).
    As I understand it, convicted felons in US prisons are not allowed belts in case they attempt suicide. Young people on the outside identify with these felons and ape their mode of dress. What to do? Give belts back to felons?
    Those convicted of property or drug crime in certain areas of the UK are being given home detention and must read set books to get a picture of the world outside their own and to develop empathy etc.
    There is some evidence that recidivism is lower and it costs the state a lot less money. It seems a great solution to me. What do you think?

  3. _*rachel*_ said:

    Sigh… #14 on the library hold list for Only the Good Spy Young. On the other hand, I’m already digging into Heist Society, so I’m entertained for a while!

  4. Alwyn said:

    Whenever authors I love announce they are touring, Ally Carter very much included (Heist Society still sitting on my nightstand for it’s second re-read), it makes me wish I lived in the US and could just hop a car to Boulder. Then I wouldn’t have to talk myself out of thoughts like “Well maybe if I just got the tube to Heathrow there would be a last minute seat on a flight to Denver that would get me there and back in time for work on £5 or less!”

  5. sydney said:

    Ah, yes. The baggy jeans. As a community college instructor, it’s especially helpful to see butt crack in the classroom setting. Give it up, boys. In 1993 it showed your commitment to an edgy, rebellious style. In 2010, it’s the clothing equivalent of the mullet.
    Looking forward to getting Ally’s latest release!

  6. kevinluttery said:


    You’re right. That style of dress did originate in the prison system. But like you also point out, it’s more complicated than that. What I see is a generation of young men who feel completely invisible to society. All they really want is to be seen and noticed. And we do notice them, albeit for the wrong reason. But they don’t care. They walk down the street with a swagger that screams “Look at me! Look at me!” And the more we look, even in disgust, the farther their pants droop from their butts. It’s a very sad situation.

  7. Michele Hauf said:

    Hallelujah, on the underwear rant! Wasn’t that style over like ten years ago? Just yesterday I wanted to yell at a guy “if you have to hold them up when you walk, you need a belt!”


    Love reading your blog. Great information here.

  8. PaulaKayMac said:

    I am cracking up here and humming that tune from American Idol auditions: Pants on the Ground. Anyone remember that?

    Anyway, I got to meet Ally Carter right here in CT (at RJ Julia’s) not too long ago when Heist Society came out, which is awesome btw. And my daughter won the cool black sunglasses, too : )

  9. Dawn Chartier said:

    I know exactly what you mean. We don’t need to see that. Especially when the pants are beneath the butt. Why? Why? Why? Not cool.

    Hoping Ally will be at RWA Nationals.


  10. PonyGirl said:

    I get very scared for those poor boys who wear thier pants so low. Wouldn’t you think it would get awful cold down there? When your waistline has migrated down around your knees, you should definatly be worried!