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Promo Going Gangbusters

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STATUS: Pretty much this week has been taken up by a big auction unfolding. Hasn’t left much time for anything else.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? TRIOLA by Tropfstein

Today’s topic is about cool promo and how it came about.

Since it has gone viral, you might have already seen this wildly popular video by the critically acclaimed web series The Guild. (They rose to fame last year with Do You Wanna Date My Avator). This year is no different as their fun music video has just knocked Katy Perry out of the top spot on iTunes. Check out the article.

So, first you need to watch the video.

Notice the book she’s reading? If you didn’t, go back and play the video from the start. Yep, that would be an NLA author’s book in that opening scene. It’s BEWITCHED AND BETRAYED–the latest release in Lisa Shearin’s Raine Benares series. As many of you probably already know from reading my blog, Felicia has been a long time Lisa fan. So when Felicia knew she’d be reading a book to start the music video, she immediately thought of Lisa and her books.

Well, how cool is that?

But just so you know, even something as fabulous as The Guild can’t just grab a book and use the image without permission in a professional video like this. They knew that too so they came to us right before filming. It was a bit of a mad scramble on short notice, but we were able to get the permission in place within 24 hours (so thank you Ace/Penguin for stepping up to the plate and getting it done!).

Because you can’t buy this type of promotion that gets this kind of internet play and it all begins with an author cultivating and being responsive to the fan base.

10 Responses

  1. Suzan Harden said:

    Congrats to Lisa and NLA for the exposure. The Guild’s a terrific show. I’m impressed Penguin didn’t balk at the licensing to use Lisa’s book.

    My personal laptop being in the shop is the only reason I haven’t bought Game On yet. (Doesn’t mean I can’t play the video over and over on my borrowed computer. *grin*)

  2. Anonymous said:

    Ms. Nelson – you are absolutely right that Ms. Shearin cultivates a fan base by being interactive – and it’s not just about the book… it’s also about the character and the author and it brings the story to such a personal level – Kudos to Lisa!

  3. Laurie Green said:

    I recognized the cover immediately. 🙂

    Congrats to Lisa Shearin and kudos to Ace/Penguin for the fast response to a very unique opportunity!