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STATUS: I spent 3 hours on one conference call this morning. Means the rest of my day should have gone uphill, right?

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This may be a sign that we have officially turned some kind of corner in publishing.

I just literally got an email from my author Kristina Riggle who is out doing bookstore appearances for her second novel THE LIFE YOU’VE IMAGINED.

So she’s at her signing when a twenty-year-old gal approaches her to say that her mother is a huge fan of Kristina’s novels and would Kris sign her mom’s Nook.

How could any author resist? Now I’m sure Kris is not the first author to ever sign an electronic device but I do think it’s a first for an NLA author!

21 Responses

  1. Vicki said:

    At RWA Nationals this year I saw quite a few people having their eReaders signed.

    I love the idea of having different skins for different genres.

  2. Bekah said:

    I see a new sales wall of ereader snap-on covers at every store and Amazon. “How many autographs do you have?” “I love your Nook cover!” Very cool : )

  3. Eva Gale said:

    Cool! I was at the eye Dr the other day and in the waitingroom there were 5 senior citizens and one 40ish HS English teacher. You want to know what the conversation was about? How wonderful and lovely all these electronic reading devices were, and how they all were reading so much on them. This is going to be a fantastic trend, and signing them-PERFECT. Can you imagine an e-reader being auctioned off with dozens of famous names on it? Brilliant.

  4. Patrice Sarath said:

    My friend has her Kindle cover signed by several authors. It’s really cool and I can see it happening more and more. Plus, just get a new cover when that one is filled up. It’s quite a good idea.

  5. Anonymous said:

    One of the appeals of the Nook is that that back cover is removeable and replaceable (you can buy spares and different colors at B&N). I’ve read there is a trend of Nook owners collecting signed back covers.

  6. Anonymous said:

    I’m a recruiter and social media has entered our world recently in that hiring companies and outside recruiters like myself will often google candidates before interviewing them and negative info found online can absolutely impact a job search. Usually it’s something inappropriate on facebook, but I can see how some employers might question an employees dedication if they see they are also a published writer.

    Especially since I have a friend who was fired after getting caught writing at work, she only did it on lunch breaks or when her work was done and there was nothing else to do, but she made the mistake of leaving a copy of the manuscript on the hard drive.