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A Moment of Silence

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In honor of literary agent Ralph Vicinanza.

I did not know Ralph personally but he’s been a force in SF&F for so long, I just wanted to take a moment to recognize that. I was very sorry to hear the news that he passed away over the weekend.

There aren’t a lot of agents doing SF&F, and this is a big loss for the genre.

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  1. Evangeline Holland said:

    It’s always a sad moment when a member of the publishing industry passes away. I feel for all of the authors and editors who have been influenced by Ralph Vicinanza and will feel the keenest loss. RIP

  2. Nicole Chardenet said:

    I’m not quite clear on why SF&F seems to be such a red-headed stepchild. It’s not like the world suffers from a dearth of fantasy fiction, at least. Several years ago someone sent me a story about how science fiction & Christian fiction were actually the hottest genres, but no one knew it because neither was taken seriously by critics or pundits. Because, of course, sci-fi & Christian fiction must by definition be “literary lightweights”…Supposedly, though, the sales numbers were there. That was probably about 7-8 years ago.