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2010 Comic Con Pics–Take 2

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And It’s not Comic Con without great costumes and terrific booth displays. Here are a couple more shots to give you a sense of the convention as a whole.

Some examples of the Booth displays!

Steampunk hat shop.

DC Comics booth

Lord of the Rings dolls. Couldn’t resist taking this shot. Wow. As you can imagine, the dolls were not inexpensive.
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10 Responses

  1. Marie Andreas said:

    Wonderful! I do hope someday you can come west to the BIG Comic Con 😉 (San Diego Comic Con—125,000 + geeks can’t be wrong! :))

    Great photos!

  2. Ann Nichols said:

    I have only been part of the blogging world for the past few weeks (although I started my history blog in June didn’t do much with it until recently) and am thrilled to have found your blog and to follow along! Please stop by St. Nicholas and Christmas for a visit. I’d love to welcome you!

  3. Anonymous said:

    Go, girls dressed as Anthy and Utena in her Rose Bride dress from Revolutionary Girl Utena! That’s such an amazing anime, doesn’t have enough fans…

  4. Layla Fiske said:

    If you ever come to the San Diego Comic Con, let us know…I’d love to meet you! If you have the time, take a few extra days…I make a great tour guide and we have a lovely, lovely city.