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2010 Comic Con Pics

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STATUS: 589 emails in the inbox. Yep, that sums up my day. Thank goodness it’s a holiday in New York.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? GET TOGETHER by YoungBloods

As promised, pictures from comic con. Friday wasn’t even the “busy” day and it was packed.

Marianne Mancusi at entrance of the convention

Mari holds her Night School poster in the Penguin Booth. Four and half years after initial publication of the first book–Boys That Bite–the series is taking off. Last year, Penguin rebranded the covers and rereleased the first three books and then published book 4 in the series. Night School is book 5 in the series. It will release in January 2011.

Got to have the gratuitous agent/author shot in booth!

Orbit Publicist Jack Womack holding up SOULLESS paraphernalia at Orbit booth.

Nice shot of me with SOULLESS poster in background.

Close-up on the Poster.

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7 Responses

  1. Amorena said:

    Wheeee! Conventions. Definitely one of the things I’ll love when I’m finally published (although one as big as Comic Con is somewhat intimidating ^^’).

    Parasol Protectorate! I picked up Soulless a few times in the local bookstore (simply because you rep the author) and just totally loved the writing. Funniest book ever. But it’s nothing like what I normally read so it took me a while to give in and buy it. Here’s to hoping I can learn a few things from it (and maybe add some humor to my annoyingly serious book :/).

  2. Anonymous said:

    Looks like you had a great time. Gail Carriger’s book are a secret indulgence of mine at the moment as I mainly read YA fiction, especially Steampunk. I love how Gail uses an extensive vocabulary in her novels.

    Thank you for sharing!