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STATUS: Lots of editors are taking Monday and Tuesday off so I expect that it will be a little quiet in the office.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? THE OPENING OF DOORS by Will Ackerman

This story may be the best one yet.

From the police blotter of Hudson Hub Times, Man reports delivery of suspicious package!

Click on link. You won’t be disappointed!

10 Responses

  1. Amie Kaufman said:

    Good heavens. Next time I walk into door or lock myself out of the house, I think I’m going to let myself off easy. Apparently I’m higher up the functioning scale than I thought!

    Somewhere in this story lies a joke about the evils of Amazon, I’m sure. This never would have happened at his local indie bookstore, etc!

  2. Lisa and Laura said:

    HA! I actually live in Hudson and my husband and I look forward to the Hub just to check out the police blotter. Our favorite so far? A woman called the police when she saw a spider on her dashboard. The officer had to search her car for the spider because she wouldn’t get back in and was causing a traffic jam.

    I wonder if the police will come and kill the spiders in my corners. I hate them.

  3. ICQB said:

    I live in Hudson and laughed when I read that in the police blotter of the Hub Times. But you should have read the one about the lady who called 911 because there was a spider in her car 🙂

  4. nova said:

    Just a rant…and perhaps a bit of hope to my fellow writers.

    I sold two novels to a publishing house not long ago. Without an agent. Why didn’t I have an agent? Because my 100 plus queries had been rejected. Sometimes more than once.

    Why did the publishing house contact me? Because I self-published and sold a lot of books. Because of the number of five star reviews.

    Am I a good writer? I don’t know. I do know that each book I write feels better to me. The editor who went over my novel was excellent. I learned a little bit more on how to write just from reading his edits.

    The Acquisitions Editor said advance sales are meeting their projections. B&N is going to do a promotion. Airports are ordering it. It sounds good. You know what? I still can’t get an agent.

    Why is that? I have a few ideas. No, not tinfoil conspiracy ones. It’s okay. I sent my contracts to the Authors Guild. I’m a member now.

    I have been told repeatedly that fiction won’t sell. One agent told me to write nonfiction instead. It gets discouraging. You know that. It is possible to get published. Hell, if I can you can.

  5. Dion said:

    I just sent in my submission to an agent for a memoir on male stripping. I have quite a few readers myself, so I’ll see if things pan out like you say, Nova.