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Where Not In The World Is Kristin?

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STATUS: I know this is petty but this week I’m on the beach and it snowed in Denver. Yes!

What’s playing on the iPod right now? WALKING ON SUNSHINE by Katrina And The Waves

There is something fundamentally wrong with a science fiction author who lives in Florida but has never been the Kennedy Space Center. It’s also a crying shame if her agent, who reps SF and has also never been to the Kennedy Space Center, doesn’t drag her there.

Consider the issue rectified!

In Orbit! Kristin, My Mom Sue, and Linnea Sinclair:

The world is in trouble now…


16 Responses

  1. Kristi Helvig said:

    I love the pictures! Also, I’m a tad jealous as I live in Denver–where it’s currently 22 degrees–and would LOVE to be on a beach right now. Enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Ted Cross said:

    Aha, so when you become my agent someday I expect to be taken to, uh, maybe Hobbiton or at least the Harry Potter theme park. I mean, what self-respecting fantasy writer…

  3. Patrice said:

    Houston, we have a problem… guess who’s at the controls!

    Glad you had a great time. Of course, there was no HAWAII this year, where I met you last year. 🙁

    They have a couple nice beaches there, too. Maybe the Hawaii Writers Conference (or similar) will rise again.

  4. Linnea Sinclair said:

    @Ted Cross: Kristin and her mother went to the Harry Potter park just before she met up with me in Melbourne (FL) for the writer workshop/conference. 😉 You might have missed your chance. However, I’m sure she’d be willing to go again. ~Linnea, who found braiding her hair in zero-G to be quite and experience… 😉

  5. Carol Benedict said:

    We hope to visit Kennedy Space Center for the final shuttle launch in the spring and, after seeing these photos, I’m going to add going into orbit to my to-do list! Awesome.