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2 For 1 Friday Funnies!

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STATUS: Today’s funnies totally lightened the mood!

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? WINTER WONDERLAND by Dave Brubeck

I think my favorite line might be, “are you ready to have agents hunt you down with pitchforks and stakes?”


And I definitely should have this paying on the iPod: Snark! The Haggard Agents Sing. Brilliant!

TGIF! I’m out to consume more eggnog chai.

16 Responses

  1. dwkazzie said:

    Hi Kristin,

    I wrote the video and i just wanted to thank you for posting it. I’ve been a longtime reader of your blog, and so I got a big kick to see it posted here.

    Thanks and have a good weekend.

    David Kazzie

  2. Leanne said:

    I love this video. Hilarious.
    But on another note…I didn’t know you could GET Eggnog Chai! No one told me. Two of my most favoritist flavors all in one drink *sigh*

  3. Amy said:

    Fantastic. I want to send this to every moron who has ever “written a book.” You know, before they spend money self-publishing without even having another soul look at the thing and then call Barnes and Noble to schedule their book signings.

  4. Kat said:

    Eggnog chai? 0.0 Want! Want bad!

    I bet I could make egg nog… chai, however, might be a little bit harder to come by.

  5. Jen Zeman said:

    LOL! Kristin, I would to know how many of these types you come across in a given year. Good stuff – thanks for the laugh!

  6. Vivian said:

    LOL. I saw this a couple weeks ago, and it’s still funny now! “I saw all the Harry Potter movies!” Yes, that’s the only requirement for being a bestselling author…

    I bet agents get phone calls from people like that every day.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Vy the way, do you actually have a pitchform, stake, or both mounted in your office for emergencies?

  8. Brenda said:

    That was fun, if slightly embarrassing, considering how many of these misconceptions I had myself when I started writing.

    The only glaring oversight is the missing Oprah appearance.