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STATUS: Even though it’s Friday, I’ll probably be a little late in getting out of here tonight.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? THE GREEN ROOM by Wayne Gratz

Although this isn’t a “funny” per se, it’s more like a cool item. One of NLA’s Australian clients, Cheryl Hingley, had her novel LA CREOLE adapted into a musical.

Here are excerpts from the performance at the Comedy Theater, Melbourne, Australia.

We are also happy to report that Cheryl’s application for a grant from the New Musicals Australia was accepted. How cool is that? Now the musical will go through workshops and a 40-minute fully-funded performance in Sydney this March 2011.

If you live Down Under (and I know I have plenty of readers in that country), you might want to check it out.

5 Responses

  1. Carol Eddy said:

    This is fabulous. I draw so much inspiration from musical theater – the raw drama, ripping back the veils of life – and it’s always lovely to see it go both ways.

  2. Barry Walker said:

    I am looking forward in seeing the full production of La Creole. I hope someone backs the Composers and Cheryl to get it up and running and on stage.

  3. PH said:

    Hi there! I like your blog, and am embarrassingly happy to see that you are a Midwesterner as well–I’m originally from Lawrence, KS. 🙂

    I’m in a quandary and can’t seem to find the answer online so I would really appreciate your advice, if you have the time.

    I am working on a book of dark, strange fairytales, which are mostly about young women finding their autonomy (and the first one to be really, truly finished is currently shortlisted for an international award! yippee!) but here’s the thing. I really want to publish these with illustrations, and I’d like to choose the artists to collaborate with. I really love Vania Zouravliov and Walton Ford, for example, and I’ve been making a list of some other artists to contact from the wonderful blog FFFound.

    Do you think it would be unwise to crowdfund the first edition with my chosen illustrations and then try to get an agent and everything afterwards? I’m concerned about self publishing, but I don’t see any other way–pretty sure that if anyone even picked me up in the first place, they would say illustrations are too expensive. :/

    Thanks so much for your help!