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Fun Facts On NLA Clients—Take 3

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STATUS: Today was a whirlwind of good news and I actually knocked 2 things off my To Do List. I’m flying high tonight.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? THE WEDGE by Dick Dale

Courtney Milan—next to Chutney, Courtney has the cutest dog on the planet! Seriously, most of you know that Courtney came my way via a recommend from Sherry Thomas but then I met her in person and the Chicago Romance Writers Conference. I was impressed on many fronts.

Paula Reed—is the only client where I found her! I read an article about teachers and Columbine High School in the Denver Post and she was profiled. In the article, she mentioned she was writing a romance so I reached out to her. Now she writes literary historical fiction.

Sarah Rees Brennan—I was the only agent she queried for The Demon’s Lexicon series. Every day I’m thrilled and amazed that it was so!

Kim Reid—I met Kim at the Pikes Peak Writers conference and I think I physically groaned when she said she had a memoir to pitch (she won’t let me live that down!). Her memoir NO PLACE SAFE is one good reason why I’m proud to be a literary agent.

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9 Responses

  1. Jen Zeman said:

    LOVED Sarah’s The Demon’s Lexicon! Looking forward to reading the rest! I’m really into Nick!

  2. Courtney Milan said:

    True fact about my dog and Kristin:

    I got him as a puppy the day that Kristin held the auction for my first book. When she called me to give me the update, he had never heard my cell phone ring before, and he was so shocked that he peed all over the bed.

    I was a little distracted for that call, but I wasn’t about to beg off!

  3. Rita Elizabeth said:

    So glad to hear these successes of yours; they’re very exciting! You represent Jamie Ford, whose book I love, so from that (and from much more that I’ve learned about you over the years, especially via this blog) I have proof that you are a very good literary agent and deserving of success. CONGRATULATIONS!

  4. Kimberly said:

    These are so cool to read. Now I think my browser is doing something weird, because I see 2 Take 3’s, one for the 20th of Jan, and one for today. The one for the 20th starts off with Courtney Milan. I’m sure whatever it is though, is just me.