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-12 Degrees

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STATUS: We’ve got the heat cranking. Poor Sara in the loft needs a fan!

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? TALKIN’ BOUT A REVOLUTION by Tracy Chapman

Quite frankly, I think this entry’s title sums up the day.

Here I am with Chutney about to brave the 15-minute walk to the office with a wind chill of -20.

Is that a Dog in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? *grin*

New York is going to get hit tomorrow so we are anticipating two nicely quiet days where the phone doesn’t ring. I’ve been averaging about 3 hours a day on the phone for the last week.

Plenty of time to tackle the Macmillan contract again. With luck, I’ll make it to page 20 this afternoon! The words “electronic media” are making me nervous.


38 Responses

  1. Benoit said:

    I am also enjoying the weather in Denver, Had I not left my Headlights on and killed my battery I would have been enjoying it from the inside of a warm car. However freezing under the hood was apparently my destiny.

  2. Stephanie McGee said:

    Just think. It’s supposed to hit 45 degrees on Thursday. But I’d take Saturday’s 60s any day. Hope you both stayed warm on the way to work. Good luck with the contract.

  3. Becky Taylor said:

    Too cute. Are those Bogs on your feet? Best waterproof winter boots I’ve ever bought for the whole fam.

    Snow day today here in Den…just found out we get another one tomorrow.

    Why don’t agents get snow days?

  4. Marie Lu said:

    Hahaha–that’s genius! And yikes, -12 degrees. And here I was complaining about 46-degree Los Angeles weather. Shame on me.

    Stay warm!

  5. SariBelle said:

    Too cute.
    We had 40 degrees celcius here yesterday. I’ll swap you some cold for this mind melting heat.

    PS. Where are your gloves? My fingers are tingling just thinking about going outside in those temperatures without gloves on.

  6. Darian Wilk said:

    What a cute picture! We’re sitting at a cozy 16 degrees in Detroit with 10 inches of snow on the way. Maybe I should break out the bikini! Love that Tracy Chapman CD by the way, good choice of music!

  7. Anonymous said:

    My sister lives in Lakewood, so when you report your weather I know she’s getting at least some of the same. Best wishes and WARMTH to you both there in beautiful, frigid Colorado (and to Sara, too!)

  8. Shauna said:

    I’m sorry you’re so cold, but that is a hilariously awesome photo.

    I’l admit, I had to look at it a few times before the confusion fully passed.

  9. Michelle Miller said:

    It’s only -10 here in Minnesota, but the windchill is in the -20 range. I have to buy live crickets today (the lizard won’t eat them if they’re dead) and they die in the cold temperatures, so later I’ll have a bag of bugs under my coat. I envy you your dog!

  10. ryan field said:

    HA! Great Shot!

    I’ve been in Miami all month so I’m not looking forward to going back home to all that ice, snow, and cold in the north east, especially since I’ll be driving.

  11. Anonymous said:

    You don’t look like you’re wearing nearly enough clothes!

    -says the Southern girl who wears a similar amount of clothing in 45 degree weather.

  12. Zora said:

    Wow, and I was bare-shouldered in the sun enough today to get a sunburn. I wouldn’t know how to deal with anything below 40.

  13. Anonymous said:

    That picture is really weird with the dog coming out of your groin, or is it supposed to be one of the dogs at Writer Beware? Are you looking to agent doggie style or something? And who would want an agent with a dog handgin out in her private parts? Keeping them warm???