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Another Children’s Editor Weighs In

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On what she’s looking for. And I’m loving this list. I’d be happy to see queries from writers for anything she mentions. Bring it on.

1. Contemporary YA where the heroine is not a victim.

2. Witches, MG or YA, dark or light

3. SF YA

4. Multicultural SF or fantasy

5. Humor

6. Strong novels with gay protagonists

7. Steampunk

8. Novels with the perfect blend of literary and commercial that will get starred reviews, win awards, and land on the Times list.

Oh that’s not asking for much! I’m getting right on that last one. *grin *

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36 Responses

  1. Kristi Helvig said:

    I love seeing lists like this, so thanks for sharing. I’m also happy to see SF YA on the list, as that’s what I’m polishing right now. 🙂

  2. Phoebe said:

    . . . you have pretty much described the WIPs of everyone in my writing group.

    Time to go crack a whip, get them to finish those books!

  3. Josin L. McQuein said:

    My Contemporary heroine is definitely not a victim; she’s an avenging angel (Not in the literal; she’s human.). 😀

    And… my YA is sci-fi.

    *happy dance*

  4. Remilda Graystone said:

    By the way, I’ll be sending you a #8 as soon as I’m done with it. I’ve got that right next to the screenplay that will have critics raving and statues of gold rolling in.

  5. Anonymous said:

    So many have exactly what you’re looking for… but it’s that strange, nebulous, deeply personal connection that wins the agent’s day isn’t it? Not the genre. It should definitely be on the list among the usual genre tropes: “A story that reads my mind, and knows how I feel at the exact moment I’m reading it.”

  6. Jenn said:

    Well darn, I so wish I had number 8! 🙂 I’ll just work with the number 1 instead. Thanks for sharing this list!

  7. Constance said:

    I’m not sure I get what “not a victim” means. Victim of what? Is she not supposed to be a victim of herself? A victim of a spell gone wrong? A victim of bullying?
    The broadness of that doesn’t sit right with me. “Victim” can be used in many different situations. 😛

    But besides my beef with that wording, I can think of books I have in progress for… 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.
    Now I just gotta get #8. Eh, easy-peasy. 😀

  8. Ebony McKenna. said:

    Oh and I forgot to add

    9. Ferrets with Scottish accents.

    (because while distopia is the new paranormal at Bologna this year, ferrets are the new vampires here in Australia).

  9. Anonymous said:

    I’ve got a #8 work in progress. It’s 2/3 done. Hope it makes the cut. I know I’m excited about it!!


  10. Eva said:

    Lovely list. Like the multi-cultural angle.
    Now–who in their right mind would even consider this: A fictionalized account of a 1929 FBI cold case involving the investigation of the murder of a Traditional Lakota young man in South Dakota? Hmm? What agent/publisher might enjoy this completed missive based on primary source documents?

  11. Natalie Aguirre said:

    Thanks for sharing the list. It’s always good to see what’s being looked for. And I might actually be working on things in those categories. Loved the newsletter too, BTW.

  12. Charles said:

    Thank you for adding me to your newsletter mail list.
    I sent a submission to your agency which was rejected on March 8.
    I would like to send an excerpt that I think would fit your genre interests.
    Charles Pitcher

  13. S. Kyle Davis said:

    A great place for my novel:

    A humorous Indian fantasy with SF and steampunk elements, staring a strong lesbian witch who is not a victim. A literary MARVEL!

    (kidding, for the record).

  14. Louise Curtis said:

    Who was this list originally from (googling key phrases sends me right back to you, Miss Popular)? I already sent you my query, but it’s always good to have a backup plan. . .

    Louise Curtis

  15. Lisa said:

    De-lurking today. “Novels with the perfect blend of literary and commercial that will get starred reviews, win awards, and land on the Times list.” Many of us are pouring our hearts into novels and hoping our stories fit into that category. heehee. Here’s hoping anyway…

  16. Out Here in My World said:

    #8 is number one on my list. I am going to aim high and accomplish my goal on novel number one. I am not sure if that is fate, faith, confidence, stupidity or too much wine.
    Should I also add my first novel will be turned into a movie and win the Oscar.
    Dream big, aim high and another glass of wine please!

  17. suja said:

    Love the list. All those options. I’ll go with #1, contemporary YA where the female MC is not a victim. That’s just down my alley. Hopefully then I can work on the witches and lead on to #8. *smile*

  18. Teenage Girl said:

    As a reader of YA, I’m loving the SF suggestion. Also the non-victim and steampunk. On 6, though, I’ve noticed a few (not many, but some) gay male protags, but not a lot of female…