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Live From Seattle!

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STATUS: A beautiful sunny day here in Seattle. I feel very lucky because what a lovely city.

What’s playing on the iPod or the XM radio right now? A crackling fire at the Doubletree is all the music I have at the moment

As I mentioned yesterday, I flew to Seattle for the Philip K. Dick Awards on behalf of my author Sara Creasy who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia and couldn’t make the trip.

The awards are part of Norwescon and opening ceremonies began last night. If you are here at the convention, by all means, come an introduce yourself. I’d love to say hello.

But I’m posting this entry today to let you all know that Norwescon is live podcasting the awards ceremony.

If you want to tune in here is the url. Fingers crossed that Sara wins and you’ll see yours truly on the stage accepting the award on her behalf!

Live video by Ustream


15 Responses

  1. Bryce Daniels said:


    THIS illustrates why I will continue to pursue the traditional publishing path, via a professional agent.

    And in this writer’s humble opinion, you just took professional to a whole new level.

    Hope you both win!!!!

  2. Kate Higgins said:

    Welcome to Seattle and the Puget Sound! I hope you get a chance to see more than the inside of a building. Enjoy. Be sure and get to Pike Market for some fresh crab, tulips or coffee!

  3. Kevin Radthorne said:

    I had the chance to say hello to Kirsten earlier this evening, just as she was on her way down to the awards (I was providing a writer’s workshop critique that hour, so had to miss the awards). She is just as gracious in person as she appears on her blog. :o)

  4. Leona said:

    OH you were so close, so close! I’m on the east side of the cascades, just a short trip. *sigh* Maybe that’s where all the writerly inspiration came from today 😀

  5. Sara Creasy said:

    Well, I didn’t win but it was great fun watching from home, one eye on the baby as I spooned lunch into her mouth and one eye on the screen. Almost as good as being there. A huge thank you to Kristin for going to Norwescon in my place.

    The Philip K. Dick Award went to another debut author, Mark Hodder, for The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack. As for me, I’m still giddy for being nominated! There’s always next year…

  6. Nancy Thompson said:

    Fortunately for you, you picked one of the small handful of nice days here in Seattle in the last 7 months! I wish I had known earlier that you were visiting.

  7. The Pen and Ink Blog said:

    Sara, you were good enough to get nominated and that’s the important thing. Kristen, I hope you enjoy Seattle. Be sure and try some Ivar’s Clam chowder. I lived up there for three years during the filming of Northern Exposure. I love Seattle and plan to visit again in September.

  8. Mark Murata said:

    Hello, Kristin. I’m the fellow who asked you for a photograph that night at the awards. You can click on my name to see how it turned out on my blog.

  9. Anonymous said:

    Hometown! Glad the sun could show its face for you behind the usual rainclouds that haunt our skies.