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Query While The Querying Is Hot!

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And this is definitely good for authors. Last year I have to admit, Sara and I didn’t take on that many new clients.

This week, Sara signed 3 new authors with terrific projects.

On top of that, the queries are just rocking right now. In the last 2 weeks, we’ve requested 9 full manuscripts. Yep, you read that right. 9!

I guess query while the querying is hot!

28 Responses

  1. Samir Patel [starkalicious] said:

    Haha, don’t worry Kristin — I’m planning to! Although I’ll probaby spend a few more months editing my ms probably requires before I feel ready to send it off anywhere.

    Despite the Borders closings, I think the market’s picking back up a bit.

  2. Robert Michael said:

    Congrats, gang! And we all hope you are succesful at placing those authors in the marketplace. A win for one author is good news for all, despite the competition. Good luck and blessings to all.

  3. Mike Koch - Protect The Risen said:

    Let us hope the increase is due to the vast amount of knowledge out there helping writers create a good manuscript/query. many of the agents I’ve been following, like yourself, have really helped out my “literary IQ.” lol, thanks and enjoy your great run of queries.

  4. Darian Wilk said:

    Wow, that’s great, how exciting for you both and the authors! On that note, I suppose I should choke down the nervousness and submit mine…oh boy!

  5. The Pen and Ink Blog said:

    Weird. My Google Calendar sent me a email reminder to “Mail out the Manuscript.” Which is odd because I don’t know which of the two manuscripts it refers to and I haven’t written the query for either.

    Congratulations to those authors whose ms’s you requested. Excellent. I must start writing the query.

  6. Mark said:

    Man that is promising! I had to resist the temptation to send mine but my manuscript is not yet complete.

    Hopeful and writing furiously…

  7. earth said:

    Wow, this is so tempting. I’m still in the middle of revising my MS. So I have to resist. I’m excited for the other writers out there and hopefully once I get mine revised and marinated and revised again, I’ll send it. *fingers crossed*

  8. Anonymous said:

    I queried… and promptly got the form rejection… but I contiue undeterred. Yay for the authors you did choose! And yay for me for being able to read this post and be happy that SOMEONE out there is getting the good news that I know will come my way… eventually.

  9. csyelle said:

    It is so true that timing is everything. Congratulations to the writers and to you for finding a match. Best of luck in the future. As for me, I keep writing and the timing will be right for me someday.

  10. csyelle said:

    It goes to show that timing is everything. Congratulations to all who signed and received requests for manuscripts from you. Also, great to hear you are finding some matches to what you are looking for.
    I will keep writing and editing and one day, the timing will be right for me also.

  11. Sarah Leith Bahn said:

    Within an one hour of submitting my Query you guys sent a rejection letter… I know you guys are good, but that good? Could there be something wrong?

    Regardless, thank you for allowing me to submit my work.

  12. Piper Bayard said:

    I’m glad you’re getting so many worthy projects. I’m always ready to support other authors and excellent writing.

    Thank you for writing such a consistently interesting, positive, and supportive blog. Adding you to my blog roll.

  13. Anonymous said:

    I submitted last night. The book is finished, finished again, refinished and finished some more. I look forward to hearing from the agency, though I find myself wanting to ask. Is a no from one of the agents a no from all of them if you have addressed the query to someone specific?

    (as for what the agents are interested in, Sara for certain has a blog detailing this)

  14. Pauline said:

    So pleased for the 9. I wish it was actually 10, as I was one of the many to receive a ‘thanks but no thanks.’ But again – so pleased for the 9, and in the same measure, pleased to see historical romance mentioned in your blog posts. It seems to be a minority genre at the moment.