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News Flash: UNLOCKED hits USA Today and NYT Bestseller List!

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Status: Giddy with excitment!

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I usually get the weekly NYT list around 6 in the evening but alas, it didn’t hit my inbox until 9:30 tonight but whoa, a huge surprise was waiting for me.

HUGE CONGRATS Courtney Milan!

You, my dear, are now officially a New York Times Bestselling author as well. Today, not only did your novella UNLOCKED hit the USA Today list coming in at #36, you also hit the NYT eBook bestseller list coming in at #6.

And sheesh, right during RWA 2011. That’s timing. I couldn’t be more thrilled for you.

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  1. Olga Walker said:

    I have just discovered this blog and it is fantastic to see writers are actually achieving recognition. Thank you for the informative posts, which as a writer finally getting back to her craft after retiring from paid employment, is a wonderful means of finding out what is going on in the writing and publishing worlds:):)

    Olga from

  2. Sarah P. said:

    I loved this novella! Bought it a little while back and while it’s short (I read it in about two hours with many distractions in between) it’s a great little story especially for the price. 🙂 I was picked on similarly in HS and it was pretty cool to take my own deep-set biases against my tormentors and apply them to the heroine and how she reacts.

    GREAT novella! 😀

  3. Perla said:

    Thanks Krista for hosting Jennifer on your blog today, and tknhas Jennifer for taking time out to answer our questions. I enjoyed meeting and working with you at The Big Sur Writer’s Workshop last year. Here are my questions. Are a couple typos in a query deal breakers for you? [even when one of them is actually kind of hilarious] And when you request a partial or a full, do you usually request a synopsis too? If so, how many pages do prefer the synopsis to be and do you like it single or double-spaced?Muchas gracias!