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Random House Gets A Clean Bill Of Health

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In good news, we’ve now gone through all our Random House statements from the spring with a fine tooth comb and I’m delighted to report that RH is not doing a wholesale change to their electronic book royalty rate on existing contracts; there was simply an error that was resolved promptly.

Contracts that have the royalty rate of 25% of retail will still have 25% of retail. Now, I have heard that they want to change any 15% of retail to 25% of net (which is actually to an author’s advantage per my previous blog entry) but I have not personally seen that so as far as I’m concerned, that’s simply a rumor for now.

As RH royalty statements are my fav in the biz and because they always resolve issues quickly, I’m back to happy.


8 Responses

  1. Christine Ashworth said:

    Yay for being back to happy! I wish there were a standard for royalty statements. It seems each publisher does it differently, which makes me tear my hair out. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  2. Giles Hash said:

    With all of the disconcerting news about pub-houses changing their business models in a way that hurts the author, it’s great to see one of the big houses play fair.

  3. Leslie Deaton said:

    So gald to hear that RH is supporting the authors with their decisions. With so many of us exploring epublications it’s great to have experts like you and RH ensuring we still have options!