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STATUS: This week was defined but what wasn’t on fire with gasoline explosions. Seriously, I was coming to work each day with the thought: “Can just one thing not be an issue today? Just one.”

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? WE GET TO FEEL IT ALL by Indigo Girls

But I can also define this week by some really cool things.

1. Got a revised cover for an author who had a hideous cover just last week. New cover is awesome! I’m so pleased and relieved.

2. My colleague Sara held a big big auction for a middle grade boy fantasy novel that went in a major deal (THE PECULIAR by Stefan Bachmann). Squee.

And the best thing ever? Today my author’s editor had her baby and get this, she named the baby boy after a character in my author’s novel for whom she is the editor.

Okay, nothing beats that. That is just “Yes Way” cool.

And because it’s Friday, how can I not share with you I read the article in PW, had to check it out. Huge Beverage alert. The below photo was hands down my favorite. Oi!


9 Responses

  1. Brenda McKenna said:

    Stefan Bachmann seems super nice, and I love the name of his book and his blog (Scathing Jellyfish–that is a cool blog title). Congratulations to everyone involved!

  2. Ben_Strang said:

    I need some help. I’ve just written a book for the first time and am soon going to re-read it, make some edits, and put it in manuscript form. My problem is that I don’t know what to do after that. I’ve read that I need to get an offer from the publisher before I can get an agent but I’ve also read that without an agent a publisher won’t accept my book (I’ve also read up on getting reputable and competent agents and from what I’ve seen, you seem to fit both categories).

    So do I finish my manuscript and then send a query to a publisher, or to an agent?

  3. bettielee said:

    Nothing says “I’m a country girl” like a cammo pinafore, and the baby ducks “that I’mma gonna shoot wif dis here gun soon’s mah daddeh teaches me how ta shoot ‘er!”

  4. Laraine said:

    Congratulations to Sara, but even bigger congratulations to Stefan Bachmann, who has achieved nothing short of a miracle. Studying to be a classical musician is a huge struggle, never mind getting into the children’s writing market as well–and doing it in an auction to boot! I’m surprised there’s any time left for Stefan to eat and sleep. He must have an amazingly supportive family.