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Weighing In On SOPA-PIPA

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I love sopaipillas! Add a little honey and powdered sugar and you’ve got yum. Truly one of my fav desserts.

But SOPA-PIPA, not so much.

As most of you have probably heard by now, there is an internet strike occurring and thousands of sites have gone dark (such as boing boing and wikipedia) in protest.

Both Acts have lovely-intention sounding names: Protect IP Act and Stop Online Piracy Act.

Who doesn’t want to protect intellectual property or stop piracy? The act of piracy steals money out of authors’ pockets and is often like whack-a-mole to stop.

Despite the backing of almost every major publisher, I do believe that both Acts overreach in their scope and there will be serious ramifications if passed.

I could offer some analysis but to be honest, greater minds than mine already have.

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13 Responses

  1. Jonathan Dalar said:

    Agreed. Being against SOPA and PIPA is not condoning or supporting piracy.

    There are far better ways to do this than with draconian legislation that gives far too much censorship control to anyone with an unsubstantiated accusation and breaking the structure of the Internet.

    We can be smart about this and do it the right way, which I hope is the message our legislators are receiving.

    I highly suggest reading the following document, written by an industry expert:

  2. Keisha Martin said:

    I agree piracy is wrong, and in no way would I condone it, but the flip side of this issue is that I sometimes use it to research along with google, if I use anything on my blog I give credit where credit is due, so if I was to imagine a site in which I cannot utilize without possibly paying a fee that may be a problem. Many books I am inspired by, I would never have found the info without Wikipedia, now I know Wikipedia is not an accurate site to gain info many of the info can be posted by various sources but its still something tat helps while I am pursueing my path toward publication.

  3. Filigree said:

    Yes, piracy is a problem. No, these bills won’t stop it. They will allow and encourage their big-business backers to target original content on third-party websites, with the burden of proof landing heavily on the latter.

    In for-profit nonfiction research work, I always cite my sources. I make certain I receive no profit from the manga fanfiction I wrote years ago as writing challenges – and I make a point of sending fans back to the original writer’s material, if they haven’t read it yet. If I bit torrent any content online, it’s only to preview it before I plunk down the money to buy high-quality versions.

    SOPA and PIPA are really dangerous bills for artists and writers, continuing in the vein of the Supreme Court’s ‘Citizens United’ gaffe and Disney’s eternal lockdown of Mickey Mouse.

  4. Angela Brown said:

    Scott Westerfield did a poignant blog about it, giving us the joy to come if these pieces of legislation pass.


    Piracy is bad. That isn’t the debate. But handling it with an iron mallet that could do more harm than good just isn’t the answer.

    I’ve heard the saying that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. That seems to apply with these bills.

  5. Trading Coach said:

    Rules can’t hold anybody from doing what is not right. We’ve already got thousands of bills (not to mention— The Ten Commandments—which is basic) but did it prevent everyone from doing what they are not supposed to do?

  6. India Powers said:

    LOLOL. Glad I’m not the only one who thought of sopaipillas!

    I’m not a fan of the SOPA-PIPA legislation either. Piracy? Bad. Legalized censorship? Worse.

  7. Miss Sharp said:

    Not to worry! The legislation is being set aside by the always heroic Harry Reid.

    Whew, that was close. Those evil one percenters want to makes us pay! Want to take away our rights to easy picking! If that doesn’t shiver your timbers what will???

    Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum!! Let the pirating continue unabated!!

  8. Anonymous said:

    Quick question: can a writer submit to a literary agent a revised manuscript that’s been rejected by said agent?