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An Abundance of Mikes!

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STATUS: If John Greene doesn’t mind our borrowing his “title” for a bit.

What’s playing on the XM or iPod right now? BIG LOG by Robert Plant

Sara is just back from the SCBWI National conference in New York and today we finally got to connect and catch up. And the timing of this is hilarious. Speaking of testosterone….

So unbeknownst to me, Sara has offered rep to two Mikes this week.

That on top of Mike she already reps and a Micheal on my client list, well, we suddenly have an abundance of Mikes! Statistically speaking, if your name is Mike, I guess your odds of getting offered rep have just gone up significantly.


In the last month, I’ve signed two new clients as well. Both of them guys but alas, not named Mike.

That ought to balance the percentages a bit. We’re just rolling in the T.

Now back to editing! The client fulls have piled up. Must get a move on here.

12 Responses

  1. Steven J. Wangsness said:

    Where does that leave us guys not named Mike? Well, this is the new reason I give people why I decided to publish my novel on Kindle — blatant discrimination against the non-Mikes of this world.

  2. JeffO said:

    On the other hand, maybe this run of Mikes means the odds for all the other hopeful Mikes have just gone way down….

    Big Log – always loved the mood of that song. Hated the title, but love the sound of it.

  3. Joseph L. Selby said:

    When I was 7, I changed my name to Michael for two weeks. Does that count?

    (I eventually had to change it back to Joe because no one would call me Michael or Mike or anything else that would allow me to pretend to be a sword-wielding archangel.)

  4. Danielle said:

    I’m married to a Michael and there is a family story about the first time he met some distant cousins from another state. My Michael was four at the time and so the tone used by the adult should be suitably patronizing in your mind’s ear:
    Adult: Hello, and what’s your name?
    4 yr old: Michael.
    Adult: Really? We have a Michael, too!
    4 yr old: Yes, most Catholic families seem to have one.