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What Kristin Requested From Pitch-A-Palooza

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STATUS: Started out the week with 354 emails in the inbox after being out for RT. Only 203 to go. Progress!

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Does it say anything about trends? Probably not but just in case you are curious, here are the types of projects I requested.

2 paranormal adult romances
1 contemporary adult romance
3 women’s fiction projects
1 SF romance (haven’t seen one of these in a while–kind of excited!)
1 SF (but not a romance)
2 contemporary YA
2 paranormal romance YA (I have to be honest, this genre is getting to be a tough sell to editors who have seen nothing but this for the last two years.)

And my sincere apologies to anyone that I had to turned down during the Palooza. When it’s a speed dating format like that, I do have to say no to projects that don’t grab me immediately to reduce the amount of material we receive and have to review. We requested 12 projects but I had over 25 pitches that day. That’s a lot in 90 minutes.

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9 Responses

  1. Carmen said:

    Not a bad ratio, really. Did you hear some fantasy pitches but you simply didn’t request them, or were there no fantasy pitches?

  2. Heidi said:

    We know YA paranormal romance is really saturated. Does the same apply to YA supernaturals or urban fantasies that contain the teen-required romantic subplot? Speaking of the romantic subplot, does it HAVE to be a triangle? I’m weary of teen love triangles in books, but I also want my novel to sell.

  3. May M. said:

    Interesting that there are no pure fantasy works on the list, only paranormal.

    I think it’s just me but I tend to rebel against trends, anyway. 🙂

  4. Laurie said:

    I’m curious about the “no fantasy” too. Or YA non-romantic fantasy. Was there just nothing like that pitched that clicked with you, or is this not selling?

  5. Ashes said:

    Sorry, I’m new here. What exactly is Pitch-A-Palooza? I googled it and ended up with a reference to what appeared to be a softball tournament.
    I understand it’s over, but it would be a nice reference for next year.

  6. Riley said:

    I pitched mine to Kristin as a YA Urban Fantasy (the romance is a subplot, no HEA) and she did request it, so perhaps I’m lumped in with the YA Romance? 🙂